Dance movies every artist should watch

We know how obsessive and challenging it becomes for you to continue with your daily routine if you are a dancer and have a passion to achieve something in life. Although it may seem simple, competing or working towards a goal can be exhausting.

There are plenty of realistic dance related movies that you can easily get your hands on because while dancing can be super challenging, it’s also super fun. As difficult as it may seem, dancing is actually a lot of fun. Dance is also great as it allows you to express your emotions honestly.

Well, we understand that dancers go through many social challenges in their daily life in all aspects. If you are a performer and also go through such challenges on a daily basis, we have some dance movies that are super realistic and will be suitable for you as a dancer. All you need to watch these movies is a good TV service.

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Black swan

In the drama-thriller dance film Black Swan, Nina, a ballerina who is so passionately obsessed with dance that it dominates every area of ​​her life, tells her story. When the CEO of the company fires the previous White Swan and chooses Nina as his replacement, things change for Nina. Nina’s purity makes her the perfect white swan, but being also the black swan presents a dilemma.

As the rivalry between Nina and the other potential Black Swan intensifies, Nina’s repressed side comes to the surface as she sees newcomer Lily as a rival, causing her fears to flare to the point of obsession.


Flashdance is a romantic dance film that revolves around Alex Owens, who is a bar dancer. Alex alternated working at Steel Mills during the day and at a bar at night. Her love of dancing is rekindled when she learns that her boss, Nick Hurley, is intrigued by her and shares her enthusiasm for the performing arts, and she tries her luck by applying to a famous dance conservatory.

New obstacles heighten her fear of failure, but Nick and her teacher, former ballet dancer Hannah Long, are always there for her.

Ren McCormack is a character from the dance musical film Footloose who recently moved from Chicago to a new location. Ren believes that the new town is his home, so when he learns that rock music and dancing are banned, he is shocked and saddened. The plot focuses on his struggle to change his circumstances and make an effort to fit in, with the help of a young man named Ariel Moore and his friend Willard Hewitt. Ariel’s father, a priest, is the biggest obstacle in their way as they try to ease the tension.

Step forward

The main character of the dance musical Step Up, Tyler Gage, is a troublemaker who often finds himself in absurd situations. He was sentenced to 200 hours of community service, which included mopping the floors at the Maryland School of the Arts, after he appeared before the judge once more. Tyler is noticed by Nora, an extremely gifted student ballerina who mixes hip-hop and traditional techniques, and she takes an interest in him. Nora turns to Tyler, who asks for his help learning some dance steps.

And then we danced

The drama-romance film, called And Then We Danced, focuses on dance partners Mehrab and Tbilisi who try to get a place in the Georgian National Ensemble. They become unstable when a third dancer enters the stage and gets in their way. The rivalry is the result of the escalation of the problem.

Full output

In the sports drama film Full Out, a 14-year-old gymnast aiming for the Olympics recounts her real-life journey. All of Nora’s hopes are dashed when she is involved in a serious car accident and finds it difficult to carry on. When Nora gets back on her feet, she uses dance to regain her confidence and, shockingly, is invited back to the gymnastics stage.

Center stage

Twelve teenagers who begin their training at the famous American Ballet Academy are the focus of Center Stage, another dance musical film. As they compete for a spot in a famous dance troupe, they struggle with stress and exhaustion on both a mental and physical level. Jodie Sawyer, Maureen and Eva Rodriguez, the three main characters, experience different difficulties.

Save the last dance

The romantic dance film called Save The Last Dance tells the story of Sarah, the main character, who has to move from a small Midwestern village to South Chicago to live with her father after the tragic death of her mother in a car accident. When Sarah enrolls in her new high school, she develops feelings for an unruly African-American man. The two are dance enthusiasts who find ways to overcome their racial tensions through their dance.

Final thoughts

So, if you are a fan of dance and want inspiration and vision in your life, you must watch these dance movies. These movies are super realistic and depict the real challenges dancers face in their lives. Movies teach us valuable lessons as artists.

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