Cyrus Mistry was not wearing a seat belt: Maharashtra police officials

Former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry and his friend Jehangir Pandole died yesterday in a road accident. More details about the incident are now appearing online. The incident took place in Palghar, near Mumbai. Maharashtra police officials investigating the car crash noted that both Cyrus Mistry and Jehangir Pandol were not wearing seat belts when the crash occurred. The officials add that the car covered the distance of 20 km in just 9 minutes. Traveling 20 km in 9 minutes shows that the average speed of the car was over 130 km/h, which is well over the speed limit.

Cyrus Mistry and three of his friends were returning to Mumbai from the Iranshah Fire Temple in Udwada, Gujarat. Cyrus and his friends had visited the temple as part of their religious ritual. Apart from Cyrus Mistry, who was the former chairman of Tata Sons, there was Anahita, former independent director of Tata Global Beverages, Darius, managing director of private equity at JM Financial and Jehangir, who was earlier a director at Global Strategy at consulting firm KPMG Group in London in the car.

Cyrus Mistry and his friends had left Udvada after lunch at a friend’s hotel. Palghar Superintendent of Police Balasaheb Patil and police officers visited the spot. According to the currently available information, Anahita was behind the wheel. She lost control of the vehicle on the old bridge over the Surya River. There are two bridges over the river and the car has traveled 20 km after the Charoti toll.

Police officers who attended the scene said there was a possibility that the driver might have been mistaken for the bridge. Maybe she wasn’t sure which bridge to take. The police will record the statements of the victims. Cyrus Mistry was seated behind the passenger seat and Jehangir was behind the driver. Medical Superintendent Pradeep Dodi said both Cyrus and Jehangir were brought in dead. Both died from severe head injuries.

Cyrus Mistry was not wearing a seat belt: Maharashtra police officials

Cyrus and three others were traveling in a Mercedes-Benz SUV equipped with curtain airbags. This is to protect passengers sitting in the back in the event of an accident. However, the airbags had deployed, by then it was too late. Since Cyrus and Jehangir were not wearing seat belts, their heads had already hit the front seat before the airbags deployed. The same was confirmed by police officers who inspected the car. The speed of the vehicle is said to be the cause of the accident. There is a slight bend in the road and according to a witness the driver was trying to overtake another car on the left.

Cyrus Mistry was not wearing a seat belt: Maharashtra police officials

Anahita and Darwis, who survived the incident with injuries and multiple fractures, have been admitted to hospital. Both have fractures to the jaw and hip. The Mercedes-Benz GLC luxury SUV looks intact from behind, but the engine has been pushed entirely behind the front wheels. The passengers in the car were rescued by drivers passing by on the same route. There are no houses or shops in the area where the accident happened. Video surveillance has been installed at the place where the incident took place.


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