Corinna Kopf stuns in an oversized black tank top

Corinna Kopf’s green eyes sparkle in a newly shared selfie. Photo credit: @corinnakopf/Instagram

Corinna Kopf looks stunning in a bustier black ensemble.

Luscious Corinna Kopf took a selfie as if on a private jet and as always she never disappoints.

The YouTuber wore a simple black tank top and some black leggings. So casual wear but never out of style.

She put on small gold earrings as well as a gold choker with many crosses hanging from it.

Her beautiful green eyes were adorned with a small black wing and her long eyelashes lifted the gaze.

She completed the look with clear glasses, but it is not known if they are medical or UV.

Corinna Kopf looks gorgeous in a new selfie

With 6.7 million followers on Instagram, Corinna Kopf is very popular on social media.

She is now 26 years old, but joined Instagram at 16. Her breakthrough came on YouTube, as Kopf is a big friend of Context creator David Dobrik and has appeared in several of his videos.

Despite dating rumors that have been circulating for a long time, Dobrik and Kopf are really close friends. She became part of David’s Vlog Squad in 2016. These videos she participated in caused Dobrik a lot of trouble and trouble because of the behavior she encouraged everyone to display.

There were many members who decided to part ways after these accusations, but the American influencer remains close to him.

Corinna Kopf's Instagram Stories
Corinna Kopf looks gorgeous in a newly shared selfie. Photo credit: @corinnakopf/Instagram

Corinna Kopf gets banned from Twitch

Kopf returned to Twitch after spending time on Facebook Gaming, but she has now been banned from the platform.

This isn’t the first time she’s faced a ban from a streaming service. She first found herself in this situation because she allegedly wore expensive clothes. This led her to move to Facebook, where she stayed for two years.

The 26-year-old woman took to her Twitter account to share a photo of Twitch’s letter explaining why her account had been suspended.

She captioned that tweet saying, “It’s not the first time.”

Twitch’s letter explains that she was suspended for wearing clothing that was deemed inappropriate.

Time will tell if he gets his account back soon.

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