Conspiracy to defame Chief Justice of Odisha HC: Supreme Court Registry

Cuttack: The Supreme Court Registry has informed through a press release this evening that an unethical conspiracy is being hatched to defame Odisha High Court CJ Justice S. Muralidhar after a picture of him with 5T Secretary VK Pandian went viral, dividing the internet into Odisha.

According to the sources in the press release, Odisha High Court Registry was informed that the viral photo of Justice S Muralidhar and VK Pandian was clicked on March 12, 2022. Also, the photo was clicked at Sri Sathya Sai Seva Sangathan. A 3-day Mega Heart Camp was organized by Sathya Sai Heart Hospital on this day. On this occasion, Supreme Court Justice Mr. Shah was invited as the Chief Guest. Accordingly, the CJO was also invited as the guest of honour.

It is worth noting that the Mega heart camp was an initiative conducted with the support of the Odisha government, accordingly VK Pandian was invited to the program.

The HC registry also informed that the picture which went viral was clicked while everyone was waiting for Justice Mr. Saha and has no connection with any kind of official or unofficial meeting. Besides, 4 other people are seen in the photo, who have been identified as Manoj Vimani, Managing Trustee of Satya Sai Heart Hospital and others, the Register informed.

The Supreme Court Registry also informed that the event was charitable and the institute was providing free treatment to thousands of poor children in Odisha. Photos of the invitations were also released by the registry. “It is a shame to broadcast fake news without verifying the truth,” informed the Supreme Court Secretariat.

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