Congress’s India Joda Yatra: Factionalism seen in Vidisha, big leaders made distance from the journey

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is on a Bharat Jodo Yatra to revive the party. Congress workers in Vidisha don’t seem to be learning a lesson. Some people attended the yatra taken here on Saturday. The Bharat Joda Yatra with the statue of Swami Vivekananda is off the main streets of the city. Congressional leaders and senior officials did not attend.

In Vidisha, District Secretary General Arun Awasthi, District IT Unit Coordinator Shobhit Agarwal, Anand Pratap Singh, Sushil Sharma and a few other workers pulled a yatra out of the Vivekananda intersection with the tricolor in hand. The Yatra reached the Jai complex in Bajaria via Gandhi Chowk, Neemtal, Hospital Road, Madhavganj, Nikasa, Tilak Chowk. Councilor Ashish Maheshwari who was involved in this yatra said its national leader Rahul Gandhi is eliminating India’s Jodo Yatra to bind everyone in one thread, with the excuse that this event is held in Vidisha.

MK Shashank Bhargava, president of the City Block Congress, president of the Rural Block Congress, also kept his distance from the trip. Regarding this whole thing, Arun Awasthi said that everyone had received a card in the past regarding this trip. Along with this, the information was also provided in private. Most of the people did not participate. We have selected militants who have joined.

I was at the meeting: district president

Congress district chairman Nishank Jain said there was a district party meeting in Basoda. This is why I was unable to participate in India Jodo Yatra, but the great public representatives of Vidisha did not participate, you have information about it. I take note.
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