compares him to Trump and calls him “undemocratic”

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morantcompare this Friday with PP leader, Alberto Nunes Feijoowith a former president of the United States Donald Trumpaccusing the Galician politician of lying about whether or not he knew about the agreement reached by his “Génova 13” predecessor, Pablo Casado, with the PSOE to unblock the renewal of the judiciary.

“Feijoo is moving further and further away from this image of moderation that he wanted to give himself and looks more and more like undemocratic political leaders like Trump“, the Socialist minister judged in statements to Quattro collected by Europa Press. “The lie has very short legs,” he added.

The head of science believes that Feijoo “lied”, saying that he did not know about this pact “between the old leadership of the PP and the government of Spain” to renew, among others, General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ): “This is very serious, not only because the PP is a chicken coop, which we already know,” but “because we now know that Mr. Feijoo is a politician we cannot trust because he lies” and so “says his own party”.

[El equipo de Casado desmiente a Feijóo: afirma que sí fue informado del acuerdo con el PSOE]

For Morant, this blockade situation, which has been going on since the end of 2018, is particularly serious because the PP president, according to him, “He’s lying about the kidnapping he has from the justice system from the country”.

“The PP, also with Feijóo at the helm, hijacked the CGPJ, is in violation of the Constitution and hindering the normal functioning of state institutions”, he concluded.

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