Commercial kitchen in Revelstoke, B.C. connects community, prevents food waste

Neighborhood Kitchen is located near downtown Revelstoke, BC. This is a commercial kitchen that is part of the Community Connections Society helping those who need a little extra help.

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The Community Connections Society has been providing a range of social services to Revelstoke and the surrounding community for over 20 years and now Neighborhood Kitchen is further expanding its offering.

Red Seal chef Austin Lucio has been running the kitchen since it opened in June as the Neighborhood Kitchen. He now says the program is running.


“Everything that comes off the food bank is what is produced here,” said Lucio.

“Then I’m also cooking for our school breakfast shows, then I’m also catering for our Native Friendship Society … (I) I’m also cooking for our Revelstoke After School Society.”

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Since opening, the kitchen has helped serve 300 people a week through its food recovery program, keeping approximately 2,000-3,000 pounds of food a week out of landfills.

“We understand that some people, due to their circumstances, may be living in a place that doesn’t have a full kitchen and things like that. That’s why I prepare these ready meals which just need to be reheated. (It) has made (things) more accessible to people and enables them to eat healthier, “Lucio said.

The turnout was excellent, with Neighborhood Kitchen hoping to attract more volunteers to help sort out food and inventory.

The Neighborhood Kitchen not only prevents food waste and nurtures the nonprofit community, but also provides local businesses with 24/7 rental housing.

For Little Spoon Bakery in Revelstoke, the rented space is helping owners Alexander Hartmann and Alexandra Bauer build their small business.

“We are a mobile bakery because we are making the market so far,” Hartmann said.

This market preparation is easy in a rented kitchen.

“Our products on the market are pretzels, cakes, biscuits, butter cakes, just good things,” Bauer said.

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