Coalition plan to simplify Vic curriculum

Mathematics, science, and literacy would be simplified for pre-10 year pupils as part of a Victorian coalition plan to reform the state’s school curriculum.

The opposition pledged $ 200 million for the campaign on Monday, saying the funding would simplify the program and better support teachers.

There would be a greater emphasis on math, science and literacy in primary and secondary schools, while students would have more consistent access to physical education, the arts and languages.

“Victoria’s curriculum is becoming increasingly crowded as learning outcomes deteriorate,” opposition education spokesperson David Hodgett said in a statement.

“We need a refocusing on the essential. Our plan will use education experts to deliver a streamlined and streamlined curriculum that is realistic and delivers better outcomes for students. “

Teachers would receive more common resources and lesson plans as part of the changes, while educators would also have the opportunity to teach students in areas of interest.

If elected in November, the coalition will establish an expert group to provide expert advice to the government on the advancement of change.

“After two years of lost learning, a refocus on the essential will help make Victorian students the most educated in the country,” said Hodgett.

The Victorians go to the polls on November 26th.

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