City builder coming for Quest 2 and Pico devices

Townscaper: City builder coming soon for Quest 2 and Pico devices

Image: Oskar Stålberg

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Townscaper city builder is known for its simple mechanics and relaxing effect, making it suitable for virtual reality.

Townscaper is a project by solo developer Oskar Stålberg. The city builder focuses on creative aspect of city construction and it dispenses with planning, administration or concrete game goals. For this reason, Stålberg himself classifies Townscaper more as a toy than a game.

As Townscaper you place colored blocks in an endless ocean. An algorithm transforms these blocks into pretty little houses, arches, stairs, bridges and courtyards, according to certain rules, depending on the configuration of the existing elements. The underlying grid is distorted, creating a more organic urban structure.

Townscaper: perfect for the VR niche?

Townscaper enjoys great popularity, despite its simple mechanics. On Steam, the city builder has almost 16,000 positive reviews. Townscaper is also available for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, Xbox console and browser. The cover image is from the PC version.

A VR port for Meta Quest 1 and 2 and Pico headsets will follow on October 6, 2022, hopefully with equally visceral controls and the ability to see cities from different angles and zoom in and out with light hand movements.


Adjustable scale would make the island’s cities stand out even better in virtual reality than the on-screen version. A first trailer shows only the insertion of blocks.

City Builder: a rare kind of virtual reality

City building simulations are an underrepresented genre in VR, especially on standalone platforms. For Meta Quest 2, there are the beautifully designed Little Cities (review) and Cities: VR (review), a VR spin-off from Cities: Skylines that offers more complexity but compromises on graphics and user interface. Spacefolk City, on the other hand, is a cuteness-driven city builder that focuses on creativity and is kid-friendly too.

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