Choreographer-turned-director Brinda is the real thug, says Khushbu

Choreographer-turned-boss Brinda is the real thug, Khushbu says, and the “Khushbu” legislator said that, in fact, he was the dance choreographer turned boss Brinda the real thug.

Choreographer turned chef Brinda is the real hooligan, Khushbu says she is aware of that, “she laughed, showing that the female chef had an extreme side that most of the people who had worked with her knew.

“Don’t convey anything that isn’t really great. In the event that a company requests 100%, you should be sure that Brinda will give it 200%. She will thrill everyone by showing that producers are equipped to make such action-packed films, ”she said.

Chief Desingh Periyasamy said, “Brinda Ace finished shooting this film with limited development time. I know the story of this film and it is an amazing activity to relax the spine. I wish the whole group the progress of this film.

The artist Poornima Bhagyaraj said: “The head master Brinda has a long and modern vision and constantly conveys the work with perfection. He will win the grove as possibly the best Indian entertainment producer in the world. I wish the whole group the progress of this film.

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