Children who enjoy beach vacations are less at risk of depression as adults

CHILDREN who enjoy beach holidays grow up to be happier adults, a study suggests.

Scientists say that being surrounded by nature helps us feel calm, reduces stress and protects against anxiety and depression.

Children who enjoy beach vacations grow up to be happier adults, a study suggestsCredit: Getty

In a study, those who remembered spending more time near the sea, rivers, canals and lakes as children rated their happiness as adults higher.

They are also more likely to be outdoors, which improves mental health.

Scientists from the Universities of Exeter and Rome used data from 16,000 people in 18 countries.

Study author Valeria Vitale said: “Increasing detachment from the natural world may be a factor in poor mental health.

“This provides evidence that children’s exposure to blue spaces is positively associated with well-being in adulthood.

“Supports the need to encourage their childhood visits.”

Regular trips to rivers and lakes also improve children’s health – even in landlocked countries like the Czech Republic.

Around 5.3 million people live in coastal towns in England and Wales and 15 million sea journeys are made each year.

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