Cheapest 86+ Rated Players for SBCs in FIFA 23


You can always find a deal in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 is upon us and the Ultimate Team deck remains stronger than ever. The SBC can play an important role, allowing players to obtain team-specific cards based on objectives. Sure, sometimes it can be as much fun as you’re willing to spend. Fortunately, offers can also be found for the highest-rated cards. That’s why we’re here to tell you about it The 23+ cheapest players for SBC in FIFA 86,

Cheapest 86+ players ranked for Fifa 23 SBC

In the FIFA Ultimate Team database, there is a seemingly infinite amount of cards. And with a new promotion almost every week, the prices of some of these cards fluctuate. So, for this exercise, we stick to the available Gold Rare player cards.

Below, we’ll cover player ratings from 87 to 91, which includes at least one player from each rating bracket, before moving on.

The cheapest players with 90+ ratings

player [Rating] square Country Federation the penalty
Robert Lewandowski [91] ST / CF Poland the League 99,500
Neuer Manual [90] GC Germany Bundesliga 46.250

They are the only two players with ratings of 90 or higher that you can buy for less than 1.00,000 coins. And in Lewandowski’s case, barely.

89 cheapest ranked players

player square Country Federation the penalty
Jan Oblaky GC Slovenia the League 33,000
Joshua Kimmich mdc / rb Germany Bundesliga 33,500
Harry Kane ST / CF England PL 33,750
casemiro cdm Brazil PL 34,000

Getting useful PL players at this price point could prove beneficial, even if Kane doesn’t have the pace people usually seek. Kimmich, especially for his versatility, is also a solid result.

88 cheapest ranked players

player square Country Federation the penalty
reben dias CC Portugal PL 24,250
cross tones centimeter Germany the League 25,000
Marc-André Ter Stegen GC Germany the League 25,000
kelor navso GC Costa Rica League 1 25,000
Luca Modric centimeter Croatia the League 26,000
Gianluigi Donnarumma GC Italy League 1 26,000
Bernard Silva FAO / CM Portugal PL 34,500

You will see a lot of goalkeepers on these lists, but there are still two other fairly useful PL players available for a relatively low price. For creative reasons, however, we like Modria very much.

87 cheapest ranked players

player square Country Federation the penalty
Trent Alexandre-Arnold RB / RWB England PL 18,750
Marco Veratti CM / CAM Italy League 1 19,500
Rodri cdm Spain PL 19,500
fabinho CDM / CB Brazil PL 19,750
Thomas Mulary MCA / CF Germany Bundesliga 20,000

This appears to be PL’s weak point in terms of value for money. His full-back and TAA teammate Andrew Robertson can also be obtained for 20,000 coins. we just wanted some Change in league representation.

For now they are The cheapest players for SBC in FIFA 23 with ratings above 86But these things can change quickly; futbin A good place to follow the constant evolution of the market. And if you’re looking for more FIFA 23-related content, there’s room for endless information at the links below, as well as guides covering the Twinfinit Bronze Pack method and top team ratings.

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