Chant this mantra by lighting a lamp in the evening, Goddess Lakshmi will be pleased!

Deepak Niam: Believers of Hinduism surely light a lamp at the main gate and near the god in the evening. It is believed to maintain positivity in life. Not only that, the negativity, poverty, disease and suffering of life disappear. The lamp is a symbol of positivity. There are some rules for lighting a lamp, by adopting which the grace of Mother Lakshmi will remain with you. If you chant the mantra while lighting a lamp, you will benefit from it. Then let’s get to know him.

Mantra to light a deepak lamp jalane ka mantr

, Shubham Karoti Kalyanam, Wealth, Destruction of Enemy Intelligence, Deepam Jyoti Namostute. The meaning of this mantra is that greetings in the light of the lamp, which gives good luck and well-being, health and wealth, destroy the intelligence of the enemy.

The lamp must never be placed directly on the ground. Rather, it should be placed on top of any grain. If you light a lamp in worship, don’t let it burn. Also, a lamp must always be lit before God. Do not light a broken lamp at all.

According to the rules of Vastu, the Akhand lamp should be kept in the igneous corner of the place of worship. In this way, enemies are destroyed and happiness and prosperity reside in the home.

By lighting a ghee lamp, the germs in the house are destroyed. Who turns on a lamp in the house in the morning and in the evening, but there is positivity.

Light an earthen lamp to get blessings from Shani and Mars and light a flour lamp to get siddhi. Also light a golden lamp to get the blessings of the Sun and the Guru.

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