Chandralekha (SUN TV) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Chandralekha (SUN TV) Serial Cast, Times, History, Real Name, Wiki and more: A 2014 Indian soap opera, Chandralekha, airs on Sun TV and is dubbed in the Tamil language. First aired on October 6, 2014 and ending on October 8, 2022 respectively. Sandhya Jagarlamudi, Naagasri GS and Shwetha Bandekar appeared in the film. Director AP Rajendran is currently in office. When it comes to Tamil soap operas, it has 2304 episodes and beyond, making it the longest running.



Chandralekha (SUN TV)

Lyricist V.Saravana Raja and musical director X.Paulraj collaborated on the show’s theme song. Anuradha Sriram provided the voice.

Chandralekha Cast

Shwetha Bandekar as Chandra Sanjay (she also played the character of Nila in some episodes)

Shwetha Bandekar

Nagasree GS like Lekha Sabarinathan

Nagasree GS

Sandhya Jagarlamudi as Brindha alais Bhavani Surya

Sandhya Jagarlamudi

Jai Dhanush like Sanjay

Jai Dhanush

Arun Kumar Rajan / Ashwin Kumar as Sabarinathan “Sabari”

Arun Kumar Rajan

Pandi Kamal like Surya Karunakaran

Pandi Kamal

Vanitha Hariharan / Harshala honey as Sridevi “You must”

Harshala honey

Times of Chandralekha

Chandralekha TV broadcast from Monday to Saturday from 2pm to 2.30pm on the SUN TV channel and other information provided below.

channel name SUN TV
Show times Monday to Saturday from 2pm to 2.30pm
Execution time 21 minutes
Start date 06 October 2014
Tongue Tamil
Village India

Chandralekha history

Vasundhara and Meena are long lost sisters, with Meena being abandoned by her parents when she was a child. Meena has Lekha, while Vasundhara has Chandra. Meena raised Chandra and Vasundhara Lekha, but when the kidnappers showed up at the hospital, the roles were reversed. While Chandra is selfless and brave, Lekha takes from her adoptive mother to be cunning and haughty. Chandra and Lekha swapped at birth, and that’s all Meena knows. Subsequent events reveal that Meena is Ashok’s adoptive sister and Lekha’s biological sister.

Now enters Sabari, a nice guy who runs a non-profit marriage agency. Meena chose Chandra’s husband for her from the same marriage in which Chandra and Sabari met and secretly fell in love with each other. Lekha falls in love with Sabari after meeting him. To get revenge on Chandra for assaulting her during a news meeting and with Meena for being her most adored sister-in-law, Vasundhara arranged for a convicted criminal, Vignesh, to marry Chandra. Meena and Selvam (Chandra’s adoptive father) are confident that Chandra will accept their offer of marriage to Chandra, despite Chandra’s strong feelings for Sabari.

Serial name Chandralekha
Genre Soap opera
Start date 06 October 2014
End date 08 October 2022
No. of episodes 2304
Times Monday to Saturday from 2pm to 2.30pm
Execution time 21 minutes
Channel SUN TV
Tongue Tamil
Director Nimesh, Hafees, R. Nandhakumar, S. Anand Babu, N.Sundareshwaran, KJ Thangapandiyan, A. Ramachandran, AB Nakeeran, B. Nithyanandham, A. Jawahar, AP Rajendran
Producer Sargama
Production house Sargama

Chandralekha is one of the most famous series in Tamil that has won over many fans and all these fans are now waiting for an announcement for a continuation of this serial.

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