CEO who became famous for taking pay cuts to improve employees resigns amid harassment allegations

Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, made headlines in 2015 for cutting his salary by 90% to offer his employees a minimum wage of $70,000. Now he’s back to resigned from his post due to several allegations of sexual harassment.

As reported New York TimesPrice would use his social networks to build a reputation as an advocate for workers with a cause mask a pattern of abuse in your personal life as well as hostile behavior in your company.

The last woman to accuse Price was 27 year old model. According to her testimony collected by the US media, she and the now former CEO of Gravity Payments they had a three-month relationship in early 2021. It ended when he allegedly raped her.


Although Price denied this allegation, he had to resign from his post. My main priority is for our employees to work for the best company in the world, but my presence has become a distraction here.” explained in a statement posted on his Twitter account.

“I must also step down from these roles to fully focus on fighting the false allegations against me. I am not going anywhere”. add the text.

Police in Palm Spring (California) have referred the case to the local prosecutor’s office, recommending charges of rape of a drugged victim, according to the newspaper, which contains more complaints of physical and sexual abuse. Total, five women have accused Price in the past decade.

One such incident occurred earlier this year when Price He was charged with assault and reckless driving. after forcibly kissing a woman after dinner.

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According to the investigation, Price took his partner to a parking lot, where he drove in an extreme manner while the girl remained inside the vehicle. Price, what pleaded not guilty, awaiting trial in October.

To the various accusations are added those for his own ex-wife, Christy Colon. In 2015, when Price became famous, Colon gave a TEDx talk in which, without mentioning her ex-husband’s name, she said she had been beaten and strangled. The former CEO of Gravity Payments said then Bloomberg that these events “never happened”.

other scandals

But allegations of abuse and mistreatment aren’t the only scandals Price has faced. Also in 2015, his brother sued him, claiming he mismanaged the company and charged more than he advertised. However, the courts ruled in favor of Price.

Even the messages posted on his social networks in favor of workers and women would not have been handwritten. In 2019, Mike Rosenwerg claimed to be its true author.

Price ofit was replaced in front of Gravity payments from your COO, Tammy Kroll.

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