Caviar designs Rs 1.1 cr iPhone 14 Pro with Rolex Daytona watch on the back

New Delhi: Caviar, known for making luxury custom iPhones and accessories, has created the iPhone 14 Pro with an expensive Rolex Daytona watch on the back panel that costs a whopping $133,670 (over Rs. 1.1 crore).

There are only three such limited edition iPhone 14 pro models that feature a Golden Rolex Daytona watch on the back.

The watch is fully functional with 18K gold dials on the dashboard and switches are for demonstration purposes only.

Daytona is dedicated to racing and designed for professional drivers.

The first ambassador of the collection was motor racing driver Malcolm Campbell, author of world land speed records.

Caviar said this time the target was an impressive iPhone 14 Pro with a Rolex watch built into the body.

“The gold Rolex Daytona is a work of art in itself. And now it combines with Apple’s latest smartphone, which is perhaps humanity’s most relevant invention at the moment – ​​a truly monumental work,” the company said on its website.

The body of the phone is made in the style of racing cars from the 1930s, such as Campbell’s Blue Bird, which set a world speed record at the Daytona track.

Decorative speedometers and switches made of gold create the image of the supercar dashboard that launched the great Rolex Daytona watch collection.

The Rolex Daytona on the back of the iPhone 14 Pro comes with a perpetual movement, mechanical chronograph, automatic winding and a winding crown.

Decorative instrument panel dials consist of a speedometer, oil and fuel gauges, and the clock is painted with jeweler’s enamel.

“The switches are functional, but only for decorative purposes,” Caviar said.

The multi-tiered case body is made of titanium coated with a black PVD coating, which is used by Rolex to create black dials, cases and bracelets.

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