Caner Cindoruk: know the harsh childhood of the actor who stars in “Unfaithful”

doCaner Cindoruk was he a peddler? The famous Turkish actor who triumphed with the soap opera “Unfaithful” had to go a long way to become a soap opera celebrity in his country. His childhood was one of the most difficult but he was able to be successful in life. He knows more details about the Ottoman artist.

The soap opera “Sadakatsiz“, Also known in several countries as”Unfaithful”, She managed to position herself as an audience favorite due to the great story of the love triangle between Asya, volcano Y Derin.

It is in this Turkish production that the name of Caner Cindorukwho plays volcanoand who is characterized – in fiction – for being an architect who has like Asya’s wifebut which he will then be conquered by Derina young woman who harms the couple’s lasting marriage.

Caner Cindoruk and Cansu Dere act
Caner Cindoruk and Cansu Dere star in “Unfedele” (Photo: Medyapım)

But even if caner Cindoruk He became very famous with the soap opera “Unfaithful”, It should also be noted that he has been part of other productions that have also had a good rating in his country. These are: “Firar”, “Aramizda Kalsin”, “Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem”, “Kadin”, among others.

But success and fame weren’t always on today’s side actorwell, had a very difficult childhood and he had to fight alongside his family to keep going. It was like this Caner Cindoruk he worked on various things to get a plate of food.

Currently, caner Cindoruk is one of the best known faces in the world of acting in Turkey and his fame and popularity has grown considerably. It should also be noted that it has thousands of fans in various parts of the world.

However, its road to success has been a very long one and during his early years he had to work very hard with his father to support his family.

Caner Cindoruk is a famous actor in Turkey (Photo: Caner Cindoruk / Instagram)
Caner Cindoruk is a famous actor in Turkey (Photo: Caner Cindoruk / Instagram)

The Turkish actor himself recognized him in an interview with The clarinet where he revealed details of his life that no one knew.

My father couldn’t earn money by writing and was a traveling salesman. I started working with him at an early age, I know the road well and this contributed a lot to my performance”He told the aforementioned medium.

He also pointed out that this experience prompted him to follow the path of acting, because at that time he had “a fantasy world of its own“.

Although from childhood Caner Cindoruk he became interested in the world of acting, one of the people who encouraged him to explore that magical world was his uncle Erdal Cindorukwho in Turkey was a prestigious stage actor.

“He invited us to learn about art and introduced me to theater“, he has declared caner at the interview.

This is how he gradually became one of the most famous actors of his country who won thousands of fans.

Caner Cindoruk as Volkan
Caner Cindoruk as Volkan in “Unfaithful” (Photo: Caner Cindoruk / Instagram)

Caner Cindoruk was born on April 17, 1980 in the city of Adana (Turkey).

Though studied Business Economics at Çukurova Universityhe had already felt the call of acting, first in the works that were performed in the institute where he attended high school, then in the university theater and then in the professional one.

It was like this Caner Cindoruk he was carried away by his passion for art. It was something inevitable since he comes from a family of artists. His uncle Erdal Cindoruk is a well-known stage actor, so he grew up behind the scenes, learning the world of acting as a spectator.

In 2006 he moved to Istanbul with four childhood friends, when he already had a considerable background, as he had also directed several plays, which gave him a broad insight into his profession.

That same year, Caner Cindoruk made his film debut with ‘beynelmile‘, film premiered in various international competitions. However, the recognition came years later when she shot several soap operas that earned her a place in the industry.

I participate in “Woman” And “unfaithful”Where thousands of followers and fans highlighted his great work in acting.

While it seems unlikely, the famous Caner Cindoruk has a ‘double’ in his daily life, even if he’s not exactly a performing arts expert.

And it is precisely that his brother has jumped in the media for the great similarity he has with the Turkish actor, to the point of believing that he is ‘impersonating’ Caner in some films and productions made in his career. Do they look alike?

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