Calvino calls on Feijoo to unlock the General Council of the Judiciary and “get out of ‘no'”

To the First Vice President and Minister of Economy and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvinoit does not matter to him who hid in Genoa the pact to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), which the previous directive of the PP had signed with Monclois.

For this reason, after the mess created in the leadership of the Popular Party this week, he avoided controversy to call on the leader of the PP, Alberto Nunes Feijoo, to “come out of the corner” and stop “blocking” institutions. “There is an urgent need to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (GJSC)”.

Calvinho complained about the attitude of the first opposition party, which he said had “no scruples” and that it had been “lying” for 4 years and not fulfilling its commitments.

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In statements to journalists collected by EFEbefore participating in the act of appointment Almudena Grandes as Rota’s adopted daughter (Cádiz), the minister accused Feijoo of “hijacking” such important institutions as the CGPJ.

Calvinho’s statements come after a long week of rumors between the old leadership of the People’s Party and its new executive director.

Alberto Nunez Feijoo together with Pablo Casado.

Alberto Nunez Feijoo together with Pablo Casado.


And that’s it, the CGPJ renewal pact signed in October 2021 between Teodoro García Egea and Minister of the Presidency Felix Bolañosled to the first internal clash between the team of the then president of the PP, Pablo Casado, and the current one, Alberto Nunes Feijoo.

Feijo assured on Thursday in Porto do Son (La Coruña) that during the transfer of power in the party, Pablo Casado never informed him of the existence of this agreement. According to Feijóo, the PP Steering Committee also never discussed this document: Neither the previous one, nor the current one,” he specified.

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However, Pablo Casado’s team told EL ESPAÑOL hours later that “during the transfer of functions, the new management was informed of important matters, including judicial ones”.

specifically, the former Secretary of Communications of the PP Pablo Montesinos, He explained to the newspaper that there was an exchange of information. This would happen between former Secretary General Teodoro García Egea and current head of institutional policy Esteban González Pons.

Also, “Hook was there. Before, during and after,” adds Montesinos, alluding to Cuca Gamarra, spokesperson of the Popular Parliamentary Group from the time of Pablo Casado and today number 2 in the party’s leadership, as secretary general.

illegal referendum

On the other hand, Calvinho was asked about Feijoo’s statements regarding the possibility of criminalizing illegal referendums. In this regard, he said that since he left the Xunta de Galicia, “he has joined the most extreme positions of the PP and is contributing to the tension.”

He recalled that Pedro Sánchez’s government had launched an “agenda for dialogue between Catalans” which he said had “significantly improved coexistence”, a path that “must be followed”, he added

In an interview for Europe Press, The leader of the opposition defended the criminalization of the crime of illegal referendum in the Penal Code, because in everything that is illegal, “the more clarity and concreteness there is, the better”.

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