Caddick mystery to be probed in inquest

The events that led to the mysterious disappearance of scammer Melissa Caddick before her foot was washed on a beach on the south coast of New South Wales will be investigated as part of an investigation.

The alleged investment broker went missing in November 2020, hours after the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission raided his home in Dover Heights in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Three months later, the 49-year-old’s decaying foot, encased in a running shoe, was found on Bournda beach.

Following this discovery, NSW police said they believed she was dead. But other theories circulate that she ran away unnoticed and lived somewhere without a foot.

These theories will be put to the test during a two-week investigation into the scammer’s disappearance, which is expected to begin on Monday before Deputy Coroner of State Elizabeth Ryan.

About 74 victims are thought to have lost at least $ 23 million to Ms. Caddick’s Ponzi scheme, for which she faced a series of charges.

They believed he would invest these funds on their behalf and created fake documents to suggest he did, but instead used the money for his lavish lifestyle.

His multimillion-dollar home is liquidated along with other valuables, including two luxury cars, jewelry and designer clothes, to compensate the victims.

But her parents, who claim they were also scammed by their daughter, are arguing in the Federal Court over the repossession of an Edgecliff property where they reside.

Barbara and Ted Grimley originally lived in southern Sydney but were persuaded to sell their home and move east to be closer to their daughter and her family.

They contributed nearly $ 1.2 million to purchase the apartment, which was bought in Ms. Caddick’s name, on the condition that they could live there without rent until their death.

Meanwhile, her husband has also filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming the rights to marital assets, including two villas, jewelry and clothing worth $ 2 million, shares worth $ 7 million, and the proceeds of $. 360,000 cars sold.

Anthony Koletti has been applying on the basis of his “financial and non-financial contributions” to the wedding since he married Ms. Caddick in December 2013.

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