Britain is home to ‘Europe’s most dangerous city’ – with another runner-up

THE UK is home to the first and second ‘most dangerous cities in Europe’, according to a recent survey of crime statistics.

The survey, carried out by Expatriate Consultancy, advises people looking to move abroad – and there are two places in the country that are strongly discouraged.

Bradford is the most dangerous city in Europe, according to a new studyCredit: Getty
The West Yorkshire town saw 146 crimes per 1,000 people in 2021


The West Yorkshire town saw 146 crimes per 1,000 people in 2021Credit: Getty

Bradford in West Yorkshire has been ranked as ‘Europe’s most dangerous city’.

The research took into account crime statistics from the last three years, including data on thefts, robberies and assaults, to give Bradford a crime index value.

Cities around the world are ranked using the same system, and those with figures below 20 are considered fairly safe.

However, Bradford’s crime index value reached a staggering 71.24.

In 2021, the overall crime rate was 146 crimes per 1,000 people – with violence and sex crimes being the most common.

The West Yorkshire town is not only the ‘most dangerous’ on the continent, it is also ranked an alarming 26th most dangerous in the world.

Yet Yorkshire residents aren’t the only Brits to be worried about their hometown, as the second most dangerous in Europe is a town in the West Midlands.

The second “most dangerous city in Europe” is Coventry, where there were 102 crimes per 1,000 people last year.

Locals from both cities, however, doubt the accuracy of the survey results.

Some argued that other cities in the UK had higher crime rates, pointing to Birmingham as an example.

In 2021, Brum had a rate of nearly 137 crimes per 1,000 people.

Bradford’s district commander, Chief Superintendent Rob McCubry, refused to accept that Bradford was truly number one.

He told the Express: “West Yorkshire Police does not acknowledge this data and does not accept how any methodology can provide a credible comparison across continents, countries and cities.

“Bradford is a safe place to live, work and visit. Like any city where deprivation and poverty exist, there are of course challenges.

“However, we work closely with partner agencies and communities to effectively address issues as they arise.

“For example, in the last three years knife crime in Bradford has fallen by 19 per cent and residential burglaries by 57 per cent.

“It is disappointing that this survey fails to recognize many of the attributes that make Bradford such a fantastic city.”

McCubrie also explained that the service’s crime figures are set by the Home Office and West Yorkshire Police adheres to strict rules.

He added: “We are rated ‘outstanding’ by [Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services] in terms of how we record crime.

“People in Bradford can be confident that when they report a crime it will be properly recorded and action will be taken.”

Bradford is also rated as the 26th most dangerous city in the world


Bradford is also considered the 26th most dangerous city in the worldCredit: Getty

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