Brazil court fines Apple, orders company to sell iPhone with charger

A Brazilian court on Thursday fined Apple 100 million reais ($ 19 million) and ruled that chargers must be included in the box with new iPhones sold in the country.

Apple 5W USB Power Adapter
Apple 5W USB Power Adapter


The São Paulo state court ruled against Apple in a lawsuit filed by the association of borrowers, consumers and taxpayers that alleged that the company engages in abusive practices by selling its flagship product without a charger.

Apple said it will appeal the decision.

“It is clear that, under the justification of a ‘green initiative’, the defendant is requiring the consumer to purchase the mandatory charger adapters that were previously supplied with the product,” the court ruling stated.

MacDailyNews takes: The iPhone box clearly lists the contents of the box. This court’s decision is ridiculous.

As Apple noted when it introduced the iPhone 12, the first iPhones to come without a charger in the box, excluding the charger shrinks the iPhone box size, meaning 70% more devices can fit per pallet of shipping, enabling the company to reduce annual carbon emissions by approximately 2 million tons.

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