Brahmastra, RRR, Adipurush, Ram Setu: What’s with Indian cinema’s obsession with VFX and animation?

What’s wrong with movies that are rich in visuals and CGI and plot bass these days? Viewers ask themselves these questions after seeing Ayan Mukerji’s film brahmastra more brain teaser AdipurushIn addition, it is also reported that there are several projects, including Ram Setu, Ramayana, Krish 4, among others, which are also more likely to be on visual effects. We asked industry experts to take note of this new phenomenon.

Business expert Joginder Tuteja explains that “every director wants to have something new to attract audiences to theaters. So when it comes to the cinematic experience, most of them today focus on visual effects. He adds: “The days when you could release medium and medium budget films with a limited number of scenes are over.”

Responding to criticism that visual effects are used as a marketing tool to promote films, business analyst Atul Mohan says “content is king, marketing is queen”. “Brahmastra was a great example of this,” he says. He was the first to make a visual effects film that had never been attempted in India before. And there’s nothing wrong with using it for marketing. You’ve seen a lot of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt movies, but VFX was the USP of the movie.

Film critic and business analyst Komal Nahta believes that all these debates about visual effects and pre-release promotions are unnecessary and that there is nothing wrong with promoting a film before its release.

But he immediately clarifies: “What is wrong is not propaganda, but …

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