Born in a slum, did not lose courage even after 16 fractures and surgery, achieved the status of becoming an IAS

IAS Ummul Kher Success Story: Today we will tell the story of an IAS, who fought against difficult situations and traveled to become an IAS. Yes, we are talking about IAS Ummul Kher. According to reports, after her mother’s death, her father had remarried. Ummul’s mother-in-law didn’t like her going to school. Ummul was unable to leave her studies and so she left home and started living alone.

Ummul Kher, a resident of Pali, Rajasthan, was a disabled person from childhood. Her family members were concerned about her life whether she would be able to complete her education or not, while the determined Ummul passed her civil service exam and appeared as an IAS officer.

A life full of fractures and surgery

Ummul Kher comes from an economically backward Marwari family from Pali, Rajasthan. You have a brittle bone disorder. In this disorder, the bones of the body become weak. Ummul’s bones were often broken due to illness. In her life he suffered 16 fractures and eight surgeries.

the house was destroyed in childhood

Ummul leaves his parents and three brothers. When he was very young, his father and family began living in a slum located in the Nizamuddin district of Delhi. His father sold clothes. Then the slums were demolished there by order of the government. His family had to move and they started living in the Trilokpuri slum.

The financial situation of Ummul Kher’s family was very bad. To support her family and pay her taxes, she started teaching from the 7th grade. When she was in 9th standard, her mother died. Then her father remarried. Ummul’s mother-in-law didn’t like her going to school. She ummul couldn’t leave her studies so she left her house and started living alone.

Ummul is promising from the start

Ummul got 91% of the votes in 10th place and 90% in 12th. He graduated in Psychology from Gargi College, University of Delhi. Then I earned a Masters and an MPhil from the JNU School of International Studies. In 2014 he was selected for Japan’s International Leadership Training Program. Ummul was the fourth Indian to be selected for this. After MPhil, Ummul overtook JRF and his financial situation improved from there.

make your life

Ummul not only faced financial difficulties in her life, she was also separated from her family. She decided to go her own way and became an example for everyone by becoming an IAS. She began preparing for the UPSC exam during the JRF and earned grade 420 in her first attempt at the 2016 CSE exam.

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