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This month BLUETTI presented its latest innovations at the IFA in Berlin, including the AC500 + B300S combination, the AC200 series and in particular the EP600 + B500 solar system, which has long been rumored to be a three-phase system with a power of 6 kW. Inverter and maximum LFP battery capacity of 79 kWh.

Finding the perfect solar battery can be overwhelming as there are so many options and it’s hard to go through them all. And there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to energy storage.

Flexibility always comes first with BLUETTI innovations. Since the launch of the AC300 + B300 system in 2021, BLUETTI has begun to modulate its premium solar systems, offering exceptional versatility and compatibility. The latest EP600 and B500 continue this beautiful tradition.

What is the EP600 solar battery system?

The modular design of the EP600 significantly reduces overall weight and dimensions. It features a huge 6000W bi-directional AC input and output inverter, which provides 230 / 400V AC to power almost any home appliance easily. What’s more, the EP600 also supports up to 6000W of solar power in a range of 150V to 500V. With 99.9% MPPT solar efficiency, you can power anything with sunlight from a decent solar panel!

As an expansion battery, the B500 is tailor-made for the EP600 system. It features ultra-durable 4,960Wh LFP battery cells, an aluminum alloy look and is exactly the same size as the EP600. Each EP600 supports up to 16 battery modules with a total capacity of 79.3 kWh, capable of providing all your home or off-grid power needs for days or even a week. EP600 and B500 can be stacked neatly to save a lot of space inside or outside the house. Whenever energy is needed, the BLUETTI EP600 system is ready to help you.

Why is the battery so important to a solar power system?

Generally, a solar power system includes solar panels and a solar generator with built-in batteries or boosters.

Solar panels efficiently collect sunlight and convert it into storable electricity in batteries for later use, allowing you to use solar power even after dark or on cloudy days. It also offers an economical solution for accessing sustainable energy by reducing the carbon footprint on our planet.

Whether you’re dealing with heavy bills or preparing for unexpected power outages or natural disasters, this EP600 energy storage system is the solid backup power source you can always count on.

What distinguishes the EP600 system on the market?

The home energy storage system has been around for years and has truly changed our lives. Numerous types and sizes are now available.

Compared to other existing solar generators on the market, the EP600 has a hybrid inverter system in its belly, which means that all you have to do is connect the solar panels to the solar generator. Solar inverters or MPPT controllers are no longer required.

Availability and Prices

It is reported that some countries and areas have taken drastic measures to alleviate the energy crisis affecting Europe, especially for the coming winter.

To alleviate the energy shortage, BLUETTI officials say the EP600 and B500 system will be available shortly before the arrival of this winter Europe, UK and Australia.

Pre-orders should start by November on the official BLUETTI website. You can sign up here to get an early bird rate and stay updated on the latest news on the new BLUETTI solar system.

In terms of price, a highly recommended combination – EP600 + 2 * B500 – will cost € 8,999, although a final decision has not yet been made, revealed BLUETTI Marketing Director James Ray. He also stated that this combination has everything a consumer could need without breaking the bank.

solar station bluetti

Being a 230V / 400V three phase system, this EP600 and B500 system is not applicable to countries with 100-120V line voltage. Those living in the USA and Japan may have to wait a little longer, as a another secret power system for the whole house is in the works. Let’s wait and see.

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