‘Blonde’ off Netflix US Top 10 chart

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White Netflix dropped out of the top 10 movies in the United States.

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The controversial biopic, released on the streaming platform on September 28, was absent from Netflix’s top 10 charts on Monday October 10. IndieWireThe film only spent three days in first place.

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On the UK chart on Wednesday 12 October, Blonde is currently number ten since 2015. goose bumps and Netflix Originals seniors,

The most popular film in the US and UK charts the luckiest girl in the worldAn original film starring Mila Kunis in which a rotten tomatoes A score of 43%.

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe. credit: netflix

Directed by Andrew Dominic and starring Ana de Armas, White Joyce is based on a novel by Carol Oates and has been described as a “reimagining” of Monroe’s life.

A summary says:White Boldly reimagine the life of one of Hollywood’s most enduring icons, Marilyn Monroe. From her unstable childhood as Norma Jean, through her rise to stardom and romantic ties, White He blurs the lines between reality and fiction to draw the growing rift between his public and private self. ,

Prior to its release, the film sparked controversy over its NC-17 rating in the United States due to its graphics. The film has also divided critics, with some describing it as “exploitative” and “problematic” as a victim of Monroe.

However, others hailed the film as an effective psychological horror. In a four-star review, NME He wrote: “It’s not an easy clock and I feel boring trying to eat a cake and eat it like a movie. Emphasize that Monroe’s acting skills should be focused on her. It was unheard of … but there is a humanity in Armas’ performance that cuts through exploitation and places us at the center of his slowly disintegrating psyche, an ambitious intruder against good taste.

“Like any effective terror, White it haunts you long after the credits roll.

Nick Cave, who recorded the film’s soundtrack with Warren Ellis, recently announced White Be his favorite movie of all time.

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