Blind Date: Construction professional Carla and electrical engineer Daven bond over careers and Korea

Carla, 24, says:

Carla says she can understand why she was mated with Daven.
Camera iconCarla says she can understand why she was mated with Daven. Credit: John Ko/Western Australia

I didn’t have a lot of expectations before my date, I think it’s quite difficult when you have no idea who you are meeting, but in the end it was so good and I really enjoyed it.

I have to admit that when I was having lunch that day I was thinking about my date and I met someone I didn’t know anything about – I started feeling a little nervous but when I was going to the restaurant, I calmed down and said to myself “Let’s just see where it leads. this”.

When I arrived, we said goodbye and he told me his name, but I wasn’t paying attention enough to be sure I understood, but in the end I said, “OK, I think I’m right”. The waitress came pretty quickly and we both ordered spicy margaritas and started chatting.

Daven and I are quite similar – I can see why you match us. We are both career oriented and ambitious people who know what we want from life. We both also love to travel, so there was a lot to discuss and bond with. We talked a lot about the trip to Korea.

There were some awkward moments, but I think it’s expected and pretty typical for a first date, but it was okay, no big deal.

We talked about how we both love to play tennis and he said “we’ll have to play a game”. I wasn’t sure if this was just a passing comment or a hint of another date, so I was like “yes, do it!”.

We stayed in the restaurant until about 9:30 pm, then as we were finishing up we both insisted on paying the rest of the bill and then he said “I’ll pay this and you can pay for our tennis match”.

We swapped numbers and that’s when I confirmed his name was safe because I didn’t feel 100% confident since the start of the date.

I would say there was a natural spark and we got along pretty well, so a second date will be nice!


Daven, 27, says:

I arrived at the appointment at 6:28 pm, so on time, I know, but I didn’t want to be too early or too punctual. I think I was more nervous about taking pictures in front of people than the date itself.

                Daven says he's happy to be dating someone casually, but he's ready for something serious.
Camera icon Daven says he’s happy to be dating someone casually, but he’s ready for something serious. Credit: John Ko/Western Australia

It was really good. We have certainly corresponded on all points of discussion, that’s for sure. We didn’t stop talking the whole time, which was nice. I would say that we enjoyed it very much.

We definitely aligned with our goals and were able to have a good conversation, good jokes, everything went smoothly and there was always something to talk about. We have covered so many topics about what life is like working in construction management, real estate investment, family, travel in general, future goals and ambitions and more.

There was certainly a natural attraction. I would describe Carla as energetic, motivated and spontaneous.

We brought up the topic of dating apps and I said I haven’t had any in a while because I’m finishing my engineering degree and getting my pilot’s license at the same time. Carla is similar I think, she is quite busy with her work and is finishing a master’s degree.

I applied for a blind date one day while I was in the office and told one of the other supervisors, what do you think, should I throw my hat off for this? In fact, I forgot about it until I heard from you.

I’m happy enough to date someone, but I’m also ready for something more serious if it shows up.

When our date was over, I walked Carla to her car and gave her a goodbye hug. We plan to catch up the next time I come home from work and go to play tennis. Why tennis? Well it’s a fun sport and I don’t think I’m bad at tennis and Carla said she was fine, so it’ll be fun to see how we go.

8.5 / 10

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