Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Anime Unveils Second Video, More Cast, Song Artist, Split 4-Course Length, Debut October 10

screening for Bleach: A thousand years of bloody warThe television anime based on the “Thousand Years of Bloody War” story arc. narrow kubosis bleach The manga released the anime’s second promotional video on Sunday. Staff announces multiple artists, theme song artist, division four-classroom (quarter of a year) and premieres on 10 October.

The newly announced cast members are:

Tatsuya Kitaniwho performed the theme songs and the images of the songs for “bleach Exhibition “Ex”, singing the opening theme “Scar” senarin Singing the ending theme “Sahete” (Farthest Reach).

the anime will last four classroom with a break in between. It will premiere on October 10 at 00:00 (actually midnight on October 11).

ie the media It will attend the North American premiere at New York Comic Con on October 8. The NYCC noted that the first event “transmission“K. animated

The anime will cover the rest of the original manga by the end.

tomohisa taguchi ,The exorcist of the twin stars, Kino Journey – The beautiful world, akudama player) changes noriyuki abe directing an anime pierot studioTaguchi also oversees the script for the series. Masaki Hiramatsu, well done masashi return as a character designer, e Shiro Sagisu Back to composing music.

Additional staff includes:

Artists include:

The returning cast of the series also includes actors who have not appeared in the anime but reprise their roles as bleach: brave souls Play.

The Thousand Years Blood War story arc is the latest story arc in the manga and spans volumes 55-74.

kubo launch bleach In Shonen Jump Weekly in 2001 and abolished it in August 2016. ie the media Released the manga digitally in English in North America Shueisha New chapters released in Japan. ie the media The manga was also released in print.

The manga inspired a television anime adaptation that ran for 366 episodes from 2004 to 2012. ie the media It acquired the television and home video rights of the anime in 2006. The series premiered with an Englishman blow In cartoon networkis swimming for adults All the episodes aired in the same year and eventually until 2014. vote It also includes four films and two OVAs.

vote It has also inspired video games, novels, plays and a subtle live action movie released in July 2018.

kubo recently provided character designs for Shin Sakura Taisen ,sakura wars in English) video games.

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