Billie Eilish is dating Jesse Rutherford! Rumors debunked

Billie Eilish could be dating The Neighborhood’s Jesse Rutherford, who has Twitter in a teesie. People point out that the big age gap is grossly inappropriate.

A video surfaced online this weekend that appears to show Billie Eilish and Jessie leaving a haunted maze at Halloween Horror Nights in LA on Friday night. As they leave, they hold hands and walk away with a group following them.

Although you can’t see Jesse or Billy’s faces very well in the video, there’s no doubt that it’s them. The internet had already tracked their movements and found that they were both out and about for last night wearing the same clothes.

From the photos that JR and Billy posted on their social media, it appears that they and the guys Jesse was dating, including Phineas, were wearing the same outfits.

There are also photos from August this year Billy and Jessie hang outso it’s possible they’ve been dating since then.

Whether it was then or now, however, the secret is almost out now. Fans have a lot to say about it, and most of it isn’t good.

This draws more attention because Billie Eilish is 20 and Jessie is 31, 11 years her senior. While that in itself might not be a big deal, the Twitter faithful point out that Billy and Jessie have known each other for a long time, which to them makes this possible relationship even more concerning.

More photos of Billy and Jesse Rutherford posing together at what appears to be a Halloween party date back to at least 2017, when Billy was about 15 years old.

The point is that many people are uncomfortable with the idea that Jesse knew Billie when she was a minor and then dated her when she was older. People think it’s gross and creepy, but they’re both adults now and can do whatever they want.

Billie has been linked to a few guys since becoming famous, but she’s never shown her love for anyone more widely. She said she doesn’t like to talk about her personal life, including her boyfriends, because people go crazy when they find out about it.

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