Big Brother: The Man Who Plays Zingbot Explained

We are now in ‘Big Brother Season 24’ but fans are very much addicted to Zingbot’s identity. If you’re an avid Big Brother watcher, you may have already noticed Zingbot. From roasting competitors to uncovering the dirt on their secrets, Zingbot is a game changer. It’s a robot that seems to have all the information, but there’s a twist. Fans often wonder who the real person behind the Zingbot character is. Is the robot working on someone else’s command? The audience has time and again wondered who is playing Zingbot. Well, the answer is revealed and you will learn about Zingbot’s true identity.

Who plays Zingbot?

Many different questions come to mind when we talk about Zingbot. The first thing that comes to mind about Zingbot is “Big Brother”.

Who plays Zingbot on Big Brother?
Who plays Zingbot on Big Brother?

The cheeky remarks and cruel revelations also disappointed many contestants. There were times when even the audience admitted that Zingbot’s comment was out of line. The most dismissive comments were about people’s weight and their lack of social life, which they wanted to explain the pandemic ironically. But whatever, these comments cannot be justified in any way.

The robot debuted midway through the Big Brother franchise. It was in “Big Brother Season 12” when Zingbot was first introduced. He left an impression on the audience with his very first appearance.

The voice we were so addicted to once said that it’s not this robot that does all the talking. It’s a man dressed in a suit, and is actually a remote speaker, responsible for delivering every insult to the contestants. So, it really shocks people that creators are allowed to pass such rude comments at times, even after being properly vetted each time.

Also, for those who always thought bots were delivering these comments, it’s a whole different story. The next time you hear Zingbot making a rude comment about the “Big Brother” franchise, remember that it’s a real person saying it all. That’s why there’s always logic and intent in throwing these insults that may not sit well with certain contestants or audiences. There is no technology or AI used to organically create these messages. If you’ve had this opinion so far, we’re sorry to disappoint you. In short, “there is a man behind the curtain and a man in the robot.”

How have contestants and audiences responded to Zingbot?

We’re sure you remember the troubled Josh Martinez in Big Brother Season 22, he was very much disliked by the audience. But the comments Zingbot relayed to Josh weren’t just appreciated by the audience. They felt that the words went too far and it was not appreciated at all.

Similarly, former contestant Andy Herren once tweeted that there isn’t any fancy AI associated with Zingbot. It’s just an additional way to entertain the audience. Even this was understood by the audience. But the people behind those suits may also keep changing. Like Brittney Haynes once claimed that there was a woman who acted as a Zingbot and she passed out when the whole team was helping out. It was quite a scary moment as she was in her costume and people couldn’t tell that she was seriously ill. So when she went completely silent, emergency technicians from the set rushed to help her. Although nothing serious happened, the contestants knew that every day would be a different person.

This situation with Zingbot is quite similar to the people who work at Disney World as well as the theme parks. They keep changing to meet the demands of the situation. Some contestants said that what hurts the most is knowing the fact that a real person is insulting them and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

Even during Big Brother Season 24, which aired on Sunday, September 4, 2022, Classic Zingbot grilled Alyssa Snyder and said, “Alice, when I see you, I can’t help but think of a heavy winter coat in the desert. Useless and completely useless. Zing!”

The recurring character is also known for spilling truths and that was the case this time. However, Zingbot is the most evil character in the house, and that’s a fact.

As Big Brother Season 24 is about to have its finale, fans are watching every part of the story. So what do you think of Zingbot from ‘Big Brother’?

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