‘Big animal deep emotion’ for his tired mahout, video breaks the internet

Several animal videos are circulating on the internet. Now, a video of an elephant is doing the rounds on various social media platforms. The short clip depicts a beautiful bond between an elephant and its mahout, and netizens are in awe of the jumbo’s level of understanding and cuteness.

In the now-viral video shared on Instagram by kerala_elephants, an elephant can be seen petting and comforting its tired mahout. The way the elephant comforts its owner is a joy to watch.

“The bond and relationship between an elephant and its mahout is unique and precious when nurtured in the right way, when the relationship is nurtured in an ethical way, it is a bond of respect and love that soon turns into a deep bond,” reads the clip’s caption .

Watch video here:

So far, the video has garnered more than 36k likes and tons of comments. Netizens flocked to the comments section to express their reaction to the adorable video. Many filled the box with heart emoticons.

Although the video is going viral based on the emotional part of the elephant, some are reporting that it is actually trying to peek into the screen of the mobile phone the mahout is looking at. We are not sure which point of view is correct, but it is obvious that elephants are the most innocent and lovable animals in the world. They are the larger animals with the softest hearts.

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