Biden’s late push across West aims to deliver votes for Dems

PORTLAND, Ore (AP) – President Joe Biden broke into a telephone bank in a crowded Union Hall and anxiously began calling and eating donuts – one glaze, one glaze – while politicizing to vote for Democrats. Try each page of the playbook.

“A governor is what matters,” Biden said in a loud conversation with volunteers who called candidate for governor Tina Kotek and other candidates Friday night. “It matters! Count, count, count!”

Before leaving Portland on Saturday, the president planned to attend Kotak’s reception and give a speech about his administration’s efforts to cut costs for Americans.

It was the final stop on a four-day trip through Oregon, California and Colorado, explaining Biden’s strategy of ousting voters on election day November 8: government levers to promote candidates. Flex, support a program to promote an uncertain economy and raise money for the campaign.

And this: when Biden can help, run for the candidates, stay away from the places visited by the president. The approval rate of less than 50% is not necessarily a good thing.

Throughout the journey, Biden had to fight for the limelight and face a disturbing new report on inflation and rising gas prices.

In Oregon, Democratic officials hope Biden can help support the Kitten Party, the party risks losing the run for governor in a traditional Democratic stronghold because Betsy Johnson – who left the Democratic and Republican parties – hosts a well-funded run. against Kotek and GOP candidate Christine Drazon.

The sets were prepared for him during the president’s visit.

On Thursday in Los Angeles, at a construction site for an extension of the city’s subway line, he talked about his massive infrastructure legislation. As he stood in front of the bulldozer and excavator, giant cranes loomed behind him. Many were Construction Orange helmets.

The ruling perfectly sums up the many successes of Biden’s agenda: investing in infrastructure, creating jobs, fighting climate change by promoting public transport.

“When you see these projects in your neighborhood – cranes going up, shovels in the ground, life changing – I want you to feel like them: proud,” Biden said. “Be proud of what we can do when we do it together. This is what I mean when I say we are building a better America.

But his remarks came after the government announced that consumer prices, excluding volatile food and energy costs, rose 6.6% in September from the previous year, the fastest pace in four decades. . Biden acknowledged that people were “displaced by the cost of living. This has been true for years, and reports aren’t needed to tell people they’re in a hurry.

Democratic candidates were more likely to appear with Biden at official White House events, which showcase his accomplishments, than during election campaigns. In California, Biden was joined by state lawmakers and the city mayor, and he called them in person. Los Angeles mayoral candidate, Rep Karen Bass, went on a takeaway run with Biden to a taco shop.

Biden raised $ 5 million during a fundraiser in TV producer Marcy Carsi’s Brentwood backyard. Guests included fashion designer Tom Ford and actor-director Rob Reiner.

In Colorado, the president designates the first national monument to hell outside their administrative camp, a World War II training site, with a group of Democrats at his side. His audience included Senator Michael Bennett, who faced a tough election campaign and worked on the new monument, set in a beautiful landscape of tall pine trees and a bright yellow valley. Democrats hope the popular nomination in the state will boost Bennett’s count.

Early voting is underway in California and will begin next week in Oregon and Colorado. The president in particular has stayed away from states where his presence could harm Democrats, so far excluding Nevada and Arizona, where Democratic senators are a tough race.

Democrats are trying to maintain power in the face of macroeconomic uncertainty and traditional medium-term adversity against the ruling party. Republicans, aiming to take control of the House and Senate, think they can capitalize on gas prices, inflation and the economy.

During his tacos stop, Biden’s order of chicken quesadillas went up to $ 16.45, but he handed the clerk $ 60, asking him to use the change to pay the next customer’s bill.

It was the kind of personal connection that Biden loves. But as the moment unfolded, the headlines in Los Angeles focused on a City Council brawl over racist remarks, while in Washington it was about how the House voted to summon the former president. Donald Trump on his role in the January 6 uprising.


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