Biden makes a false claim that he convinced Congress to approve student loan forgiveness

President Joe Biden wrongly claimed last week that his student loan forgiveness plan had been approved by Congress. Imagine if Donald Trump, the previous president, had tried to convey to Congress a decision he had made. There would be enormous anger, I can assure you.

President Joe Biden shockingly announced that he had “signed into law” student debt cancellation during a weekend appearance with the liberal outlet NowThis News.

He described in considerable detail the benefits the “law” would provide to 40 million Americans before adding: “It’s passed. With a vote or two I managed to get it through and it is now in effect.

Let’s analyze this statement. Through executive action, Biden himself proposed significant debt reduction in August. It did not pass Congress and was not made into law.

However, given that Biden spent a significant amount of time in the Senate, he should be aware that he had to go through the legislative process.

What is Student loan forgiveness? Who is eligible for student loan forgiveness? Borrowers who receive student loan forgiveness are exempt from repaying all or part of their federal student loan debt. You can check the full article here.

As a check on the executive branch, Congress manages the budget. Yet Biden had no problem enacting this “pardon” through unilateral legislation that would have cost taxpayers at least $500 billion.

Also, student loan debt doesn’t just go away.

This will add to our nation’s growing debt, which will fall on the shoulders of all Americans. It is also a bad time to inject more money into the economy because inflation is already sky high.

student loan forgiveness
student loan forgiveness

Where is The Outrage?

Going back to the president’s remarks, imagine if Donald Trump, the previous president, tried to pass to Congress a controversial executive action he had taken. There would be enormous anger, I can assure you.

Biden’s lie did not lead to this, except for the initial coverage by conservative media.

The president is particularly embarrassed by the timing as his administration defends itself against multiple lawsuits that claim the unilateral actions on the loans are unconstitutional. Six states got a stay from an appeals court on Friday that temporarily halts loan forgiveness.

Lawsuits Expose Plans’ Weaknesses: Biden’s Casual Approach to Student Debt Cancellation Raises Big Grumbles

Who doesn’t enjoy “free” stuff? According to the Biden administration, 22 million borrowers had requested forgiveness as of Friday. Despite the legal battle, the administration urged people to continue applying.

When questioned about Biden’s latest slip, the White House awkwardly explained that the president was referring to the Deflation Act, which passed this summer and provided “savings” for the student loan bailout.

Does Biden make these decisions?

These gaffes are nothing new for Biden, but they seem to be happening with increasing regularity. It’s been pretty hard for him to say big numbers in recent weeks. He remembered the late Congressman Jackie Walorski, who had died in a car accident the previous month, at a gathering in September.

And now, it’s a big question, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly that Biden confused an executive action he took with a law passed by Congress.

Compared to Trump, Biden generally gets the benefit of the doubt in the media for many of these mistakes. But just because Biden seems “kinder” and more sincere than the previous president doesn’t make these glaring indiscretions acceptable to ignore.

It also calls into question the acuity of Biden’s mind. Considering he’ll be 80 in a month, I don’t blame him for getting old.

But if Biden can’t recall taking such broad executive action, who is making those judgment calls if not him?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I still apply for student loan forgiveness?

To get help before the payment moratorium expires on December 31, 2022, borrowers are urged to submit their applications by mid-November. The suspension will end on December 31, 2022, although the Department of Education will still process applications as they come in.

2. How much does student loan forgiveness cost?

Up to $20,000 in loan forgiveness is included in this strategy. What do I need to do to qualify for this relief can be a common question for many borrowers and families? These and other questions can be addressed on this page. More information will be released in the coming weeks.

3. When does student loan forgiveness end?

Applications for student loan forgiveness must be submitted by December 31, 2023. Federal student loan borrowers have until the end of 2023 to apply for one-time forgiveness under the Biden administration’s program. There are no future plans for a comprehensive student loan forgiveness program.

4. Where is the student loan forgiveness form? hosts the online application. Visit to find out if you have direct loans. You must work for a qualified employer to be eligible for PSLF.


The stunning claim that Vice President Joe Biden has “signed a bill” to eliminate student debt was made by Biden over the weekend during an interview with the progressive news organization NowThis News.

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