Biden doesn’t regret calling Liz Truss tax cuts a ‘mistake’ after recent criticism

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Monday that President Joe Biden has kept his recent comments on British Prime Minister Liz Truss’s abandoned tax cut plan.

Over the weekend, Biden said it was “predictable” that Truss and his Conservative government would be forced to reverse their aggressive tax cut plans without cutting spending after proposals in financial markets and the British pound fell. against the US dollar.

“I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a mistake,” Biden said. He said he “disagreed”[s] with politics “.

When asked if Mr. Biden regrets the comments, which were an unusual public statement about an aide’s internal policies, Ms Jean-Pierre said, “No.”

Biden had previously sparked controversy by speaking out against “trickle down economics,” widely seen as a hidden link in Ms. Truss’s mini-budget, shortly before a meeting between the two leaders at the UN General Assembly. United Nations in New York. was made fun of. ,

In a tweet published shortly before the September meeting, Biden wrote: “I’m tired of the economic fallout. It has never worked. We are building the economy from the bottom up and from the center.

Biden was also a staunch opponent of attempts to violate the Northern Ireland Protocol, which was another point of contention between the Democratic administration and successive Conservative governments under Ms Truss and her predecessor Boris Johnson.

Ms Jean-Pierre’s remarks came just hours after Ms Truss had sent Penny Mordent, leader of the House of Commons, to speak for her on Monday at the Prime Minister’s questions to avoid pressure on her economic plans by Sir Keir Starmer. .

The Prime Minister, faced with requests for resignations from members of his own party, should meet with Tory lawmakers to discuss how to reduce Ms. Truss from number 10 to Conservative Party rules, which would generally prevent another change of leadership. After the conservatives slandered Mr. Johnson.

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