BGS Special 2022 – ShowmeCAST #111

Daniel Coutinho And Leticia Leite invite this week Renè Reis to discuss all the attractions of Brazilian Game Fair 2022, the new features that have been announced and what do you think of the games available for testing at the event. In Show me CAST # 111 we talked about the huge stands of Play station And nintendoa capcom with your beauty Street fighter 6peripheral commercial spaces and activations player and the countless great games indie unveiled to the public during the event.

With the largest stand in the history of the event, Play station returned to North Exhibition Center this month with a space of 1,000 square meters and a record number of gaming stations to be tested in this BGS. Despite everything, with no big news on the games that have not yet been released, Sony has bet to show the games already known to a large part of the public looking to please a new portion, thus making the presentation the biggest highlight of the event. of the playstation5 for part of the public who has not yet had the opportunity to buy the new console of the Japanese company.

BGS 2022 Special - showmecast # 111.  This week's showmecast enters the norte de são paulo exhibition center to discuss the big news of bgs 2022!
PlayStation brought the largest booth in the history of the event with no big news for the gaming audience. (Photo: Dacio Augusto / Showmetech)

Near Play station like the largest stands of the event, the nintendo he apologized to the Brazilian public by pleasing the fans and trying to bring new users to their system. Just like the sonya Big N did not provide good news about the games that will be released soon Pokemon Purple and Scarlet And bayonet 3. However, it has made available a large number of games that have already been released on the Nintendo Switch, which is a great introduction to its console for new users.

BGS 2022 Special - showmecast # 111.  This week's showmecast enters the norte de são paulo exhibition center to discuss the big news of bgs 2022!
Nintendo presented the news to the Brazilian public and gave people the opportunity to discover its games. (Image: thegayoski / BGS)

Other game developers attending the event were Ubisoft And capcom. More timidly, the Ubisoft took advantage of part of the stand Play station as a way to show your games running on the next generation console. With an exhibition celebrating 15 years of Assassin’s Creeda Ubisoft left fans of the franchise satisfied on the eve of a possible new announcement of a sequel to the franchise. From the part of capcomthe focus is on Street fighter 6 which was placed in the center of the booth to allow players to test and beta with new characters and game updates.

In addition to the games presented at the fair, a large part of the event was made up of companies that do not produce games, but which are at the origin of tools related to video games. THE Kingston was present to announce its news to the Brazilian public by presenting its new high-performance RAM and SSD. Since component tests could be performed at the booth, players had PC stations available Fortnite and other free games for hardware demonstration.

BGS 2022 Special - showmecast # 111.  This week's showmecast enters the norte de são paulo exhibition center to discuss the big news of bgs 2022!
The Kingston booth featured activations and demonstrations of its equipment to the public. (Image: Victor Pacheco / Showmetech)

THE Intel brought several laptops and desktops up BGS showing its 12th generation processors to the public with cutting-edge games Cyberpunk 2077, MultiVersus, Formula 1 2022 and Overwatch 2. With several attractions at the event such as meet and greet with influencer of the universe player Brazilian, the Intel to bet on attracting the attention of the public with activations and experiences.

During this period, the AOC was present at Brazilian Game Fair 2022 revealing company news such as the restructuring of the brand and new launches that will soon take place on Brazilian soil. Focusing on the visualization of new lines, the AOC presented its new video game monitors trying to conquer a new audience with game demonstrations in very high image quality.

Finally and above all, in the BGS 2022 we still count with the presence of the independent avenue. With several new releases from Brazilian and foreign independent studios, independent avenue he was responsible for experiences of exchange of ideas between players and small developers, opening a unique opportunity for the Brazilian public to personally get to know some of the new releases made by the gaming industry.

BGS 2022 Special - showmecast # 111.  This week's showmecast enters the norte de são paulo exhibition center to discuss the big news of bgs 2022!
The great indie games have the opportunity to be presented to the public on BGS Indie Avenue. (Image: Pocket Bravery / Statera Studio)

In today’s episode, we present a list of highlights of these games featured in independent avenue which are worth the detour! games like Pocket Bravery, Phobia St. Dinfna Hotel, Sanity fractured and many others have created the play area indie it was one of the highlights of the event.

With many other attractions such as shows and stands of companies such as TIC Tac, Outback and Luiza Magazinea BGS 2022 ends up being a big video game party after 2 years without the event taking place, allowing people to meet, some of the audience to learn about new games and people to have fun in a big party focused on games.

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