Bengaluru eateries are offering Puneeth Rajkumar’s favorite cuisine as a tribute to the actor

Around 100 restaurants in Karnataka are paying tribute to Puneeth Rajkumar on his death anniversary by hosting ‘Alavours of Gandhada Gudi’. It’s a special food festival named after the late actor’s latest film, which hit theaters on Friday (October 28).

The festival also urges his fans to visit the theaters to reminisce Puneeth while enjoying his latest film.

In a Deccan Herald report, Bruhat Bengaluru Hoteliers’ Association (BBHA) president PC Rao said the actor, known as Appu to his fans, was a foodie and frequented restaurants in the city. He also had a cordial relationship with the owners and chefs. “Puneeth’s fans approached us with the concept and we thought this was the best way to pay tribute to the love he gave us,” he added.

Last weekend, many restaurants held a two-day show thanks to the response of Appu’s fans. However, some establishments extended the holiday and continued with their special offers until November 5.

Officials close to the event are reported to have described ‘Gandhada Gudi’ as a perspective that shows how beautiful Karnataka is. They also said that Puneeth always believed that tourism in Karnataka would boom after this film released.

The restaurants offer curated menus full of Appu’s favorite cuisine. The event organizers initially thought of restricting the festival to Bengaluru, but then approached food chains and restaurants that Puneeth visited in Karnataka during his shoot.

The arranger also said that as word started spreading, many five-star hotel owners and small street vendors started calling them as they wanted to celebrate Appu and make it a grand festival.

For the past week, while some eateries in Bengaluru were serving at least 1,000 biryanis a day, some were offering free biryani to every customer.

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