Ben O’Shea: Australia will never get to true equality until we admit we haven’t got there yet

Equality. If you’re a straight, middle-class, skilled white guy, you probably think Australia already has it.

And, if your only point of reference for that determination is repeated viewing of A League of Their Own and a vague understanding of what life was like “then,” well, you’re probably fooling yourself. .

While it’s true that modern Australian society offers something closer to equality of opportunity than ever before for people, regardless of gender, sexual preference or skin color, let’s not congratulate ourselves yet.

The most obvious argument against the idea that we have achieved equality is the brutal murder of Perth native boy Cassius Turvey.

The racial undertones of this high-profile case shocked Australia, but the country’s First Nations people are far from surprised.

For them, it is a horrifying manifestation of the discrimination they face on a daily basis.

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