Before the start of the school year, Amazon crushes the price of the Surface Pro 8

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 is arguably the best hybrid Windows PC. The touchscreen tablet, convertible into a computer with its accessories, is ideal for professional and personal use. It is now at an excellent price on Amazon.

The Surface Pro 8 are Microsoft’s latest hybrid PCs. These were released late last year and are the main references in this relatively uncompetitive segment. In seconds you can turn the touchpad into a real Windows computer. For both professional and personal use, it is one of the hottest products around.

To get the full experience, try to find packages that include at least a keyboard (or even a mouse and stylus). This is exactly what Amazon is currently offering for the start of the school year. Despite being released a few months ago, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 (128 GB) with keyboard costs € 899 instead of € 1329. So you immediately save 400 euros on this great product.

I take advantage of the offer

Surface Pro 8, a hybrid PC

Everyone agrees that the Surface Pro 8 is a computer … in the form of a tablet. If you want a computer that can be taken anywhere, with power and an interface that can’t be compared to a simple tablet, this Microsoft solution is a great choice. Compared to the previous model (Surface Pro 7) we discover a much larger LCD screen (+ 11%) with a nice 13-inch diagonal panel. The 120Hz refresh rate offers an ultra-smooth and intuitive experience.

“The power of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet”, as Amazon says. This solution also has all the connectivity that conventional tablets don’t have. We find 2 USB-C and Thunderbolt 4 ports, super fast Wi-Fi 6 and a dedicated Surface Connect magnetic charging port and 3.5mm audio jack. So you can easily connect it to many external devices.

An important point for laptops is their autonomy. And Microsoft shows us with the Surface Pro 8 that it’s entirely possible to combine performance with good endurance. This hybrid PC lasts up to 16 hours with standard use. It is therefore significantly more than the average tablet, and above all much more than a computer.

Take advantage of a 32% discount on Microsoft Surface Pro 8 at the beginning of the school year, at 899 euros on Amazon!

I take advantage of the offer

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