Bairstow’s Oval prankster found guilty

A self-proclaimed YouTube prankster who clashed with English striker Jonny Bairstow after invading the Oval’s pitch during a test match was found guilty by a court of aggravated trespassing.

Daniel ‘Jarvo’ Jarvis, 34, crashed into an unsuspecting Bairstow from the non-attacking end after taking the field to play Ollie Pope on the second day of the fourth test against India last year.

Jarvis, who has a YouTube account with more than 170,000 subscribers, was arrested for the murder on September 3, 2021 and later charged with aggravated trespassing.

In the Croydon Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, District Judge Daniel Benjamin said, “The question in the case is simple, whether he intended to stop the test match.”

He concluded that it was Jarvis’ intention, adding: “I find Mr. Jarvis guilty of aggravated trespassing.”

Jarvis, who represented himself after his request to adjourn the case was denied, had no long beard, wore an Emporio Armani EA7 hoodie and sweatpants while clutching a Gucci bag.

The court showed broadcast footage of him running into the field, as well as a video he recorded showing him hiding in a toilet before running into the field after receiving a phone call telling him to go.

The court also saw videos of him invading the pitch in two previous cricket matches between England and India, at Lord’s on 12 August and Headingley on 25 August.

During cross-examination, prosecutor Nicola Grindey said: “When you got out you got to see one of the England players in batting gear – you met him.

“You knew you were not allowed to enter the pitch because you had already been to the cricket pitches and were asked to leave.”

Jarvis said he was not arrested for the first two field invasions, saying he did not believe he was “breaking any law” and that “no one has been prosecuted before for these things.”

He told the court: “I didn’t intend to stop the game. I didn’t know when I was going out. Why haven’t I been arrested before? Why is everyone attacking me? ? “

He said he gets “positive responses” to his videos, which he does for “people’s enjoyment,” adding, “I get a lot of people who say they have mental health and my videos make them happy.”

He responded “without comment” to every question when questioned by the police the court heard.

Jarvis said he did not believe he was in violation because he was fined, saying people “miss naked” during games but are not arrested.

He told the judge he had “accidental” contact with Bairstow, admitting “I don’t remember the man’s name”.

Jarvis was released on bail without conditions, with the judge adjourning the sentence in the same court until October 19.

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