Bachelorette Finale Recap: Two Ladies + Two Men Left = Are There Any Happy Endings?

The two stars of the latest season of The Bachelorette have already chosen their final men before the season finale. Well, it signals a lot of other things too, check it out.

The finale started on a serious note as host Jesse Palmer revealed that he had wished for two happy endings for Gabby and Rachel, but “things didn’t work out that way”. He also highlights the impending “scandal and betrayal,” pointing out Tino’s “indiscretion” and Erich’s “text messages.”

He motions to greet the two ladies, and later in Mexico we catch up with Gabby, who is spinning around. Erich let her know that he was interested in going out with her for the first time before he got engaged. She said, “I need him to propose.” However, when he informs her how heartbroken he will be if their paths part, she melts a bit. She also seemed pretty sure they made it through.

Meanwhile, Rachel steps forward to check on Tino after her breakup with Aven, and he claims he’s “amazing, no doubt, as usual.” Until Rachel was seen smiling as she watched this back on the live show.

She and Gabby share a giddy champagne toast in Mexico and praise their respective partners and being very sure of them. In fact, Rachel says, “If it’s not him, I don’t know who it could be.” So yeah, we’re set for heartbreak here.

Now it’s time for the final rose ceremony for Rachel, she and Tino are excited as they hold hands. She throws away all the things she adores about him as he tells her that what they have will “never go away.” It’s adorable, but the deathly stress on Rachel and her family’s faces was clear in the live show, so there are a lot of lies. Tino proposes on his knees and Rachel’s eyes are teary as she says yes, adding “This is the happiest moment of my life.”

Maiden final
Maiden final

Rachel reveals on the live show what’s next, saying “It was really great for a while” between them, but they “went through a rough patch” when the show aired. She states that she did her best to keep their relationship alive, but “I just didn’t feel that support” from Tino.

She wanted them to get back together in the finale, but some vague concerns from Tino about “past relationships” came up, and eventually Rachel responded, “It really didn’t work out. He cheated on me.” Gabby then comforts her and suggests that she “kick him in the ass [bleep]balls.” She also reveals that Tino told her “I’m sorry I told you that”.

Tino then admitted he “messed things up” and “kissed another girl” but also said it made him want Rachel more, calling it “the smallest thing ever.” He also got his journal together so he could tell her the things she said that made him think they were separated.

When Tino reveals that she refused to undergo therapy, she claims it was a lie. Eventually, after messing around for a while, he stormed out, they went to the producers with Tino saying, “Tell her to break up with me. Let me out.” Finally, he comes back, but still continues to claim how “little” what he did was, which definitely upsets Rachel.

When his lie was caught by her, he looked puzzled and then stormed off, forcing her to follow him outside and demand answers. He kept begging for another chance and even swore to make it all up. However, Rachel wasn’t ready to give him any chance and she said “I’m done” and returned his ring, leaving him in disgrace.

After a few awkward dates with Jesse where Rachel claims she doesn’t love Tino now, but then Tino shows up for the post-breakup part, apologizing for the mess, but he still continues to explain and tries to defend himself with it, that Rachel wasn’t ready to have more of him. Since Tino said she believed they had broken up, this angered her and she asked, “Do you want to get into this?” She made it clear, “We’ve never been on vacation.”

Aven shows up to comfort Rachel and also asks if it’s okay to “get out of here and catch up.” To which she said yes and they both left, leaving Jesse in an awkward situation with Tino. Now did the producers feel terrible putting Rachel through two breakups in one year so they set up a fake “happy ending” that wasn’t even supposed to last maybe a week. Jesse even says “That’s so weird.”

And now it’s finally Gabi’s turn. She still seems concerned that Erich isn’t ready to get engaged, but they were all smiles and looked happy as they met at the final rose ceremony. Erich is aware of the fact that she wants someone she can count on at all times and says “I want to be that person for you”.

He took the plunge and proposed and got a YES! Sure, it made us all happy, but will it last? Although it is questionable and leaves a big worry “Will they make it to the live show?” Jessie tells us on the live show that “not everything is rosy” after this proposal.

Erich and Gabi share a warm kiss as he appears on the live show, so it all seems mild. They both remember their proposal and still want to be together, which made us happy. However, Jesse delves into the challenges they face and scolds Erich about an ex-girlfriend of his who claims he broke up so he could go on the show and “get a career opportunity.”

Jesse brings up their text messages on screen, where we see Erich telling the girl that the show “isn’t real.” However, keep in mind this was all before when he joined the show, Erich defends himself saying he never thought he’d get to know someone like Gabby, admitting that he didn’t handle this breakup well and Gabby is aware with this. However, he seems to accept his explanation and the crowd chases them down and we end up with a happy ending!

Jesse then questions Gabby about her new shift on Dancing With the Stars and goes to 3 former bachelors for suggestions. And we also meet Rachel’s ex Zach, the new bachelor, they also kick off the new season with Zach hooking up with five of his potential wives live and the audience at home voting via Twitter to give Briana a first impression rose . Although it didn’t get off to a great start and as Jessie asked him to list any of the girls names that left him blank.

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We will keep you updated with more such news until then stay tuned to Lee Daily.

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