Baby Glenn Halterman channels his inner cowboy

1000-Lb. Sisters fans got a special look at Baby Glenn Halterman as he channeled his inner cowboy. The three-month-old little boy is all decked out and proud mom Amy Halterman proudly shows off his sweet look. Keep reading for all the details and to see his latest photos.

Amy often updates fans about her two adorable sons, Gage and Glenn. Fans enjoy watching the boys grow up and are always happy to see new pictures of them.

This recent update is getting a lot of attention because fans think three-month-old Glenn is too cute for words as he rocks a little cowboy outfit.

Baby Glenn Halterman channels his inner cowboy

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Amy returned to social media with a very sweet set of photos. In the photos, Baby Glenn is dressed in a Sheriff Woody costume Toy Story. The 1000-Lb. Sisters star shared three photos of Glen lounging on a comfy blanket. In the photos, Glenn is alert and wide awake as he channels his inner cowboy.

In her post, Amy quotes Toy Story and wrote: “There’s a snake in my boot!!!”

Also in her post, Amy noted that it was just a pair of pajamas, not his Halloween costume. So it looks like he’ll be wearing something else for the holiday in just a few weeks.

You can check out Glenn Halterman’s photos below.

Amy Halterman Instagram, 1000-Lb.  Sisters

Amy Halterman Instagram, 1000-Lb.  Sisters Amy Halterman Instagram, 1000-Lb.  Sisters

1000-Lb. Sisters Fans rave about his cute looks

Of course, Amy’s Instagram followers are loving these new photos of baby Glenn Halterman in his Woody outfit. They think he looks adorable as a cowboy.

These photos, in particular, have fans pointing out how much Glenn looks like Amy. One fan said that Gage looks more like Michael, while Glenn is Amy’s twin. However, another fan chimed in and said: ‘He’s so cute!! I can’t believe how much he and Gage look alike!”

Someone else added: “Cute outfit for an adorable baby.”

Since this outfit is just Glenn’s pajamas, Amy’s followers will have to wait a little longer to see how baby Glenn and his big brother Gage dress up for Halloween.

So what do you think of Baby Glenn in his cowboy outfit? Are you excited to see what Gage and Glenn Halterman wear for Halloween this year? Sound off in the comments section below and come back to Ace TV Shows for more news about 1000-Lb. Sisters stars.

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