Avengers 6 won’t hit theaters anytime soon!

Marvel’s cinematic schedule has been turned upside down by the departure of the Blade director. What are the new release dates for Deadpool 3 and Avengers 6?

A few days ago, the director of Sheet announced he was leaving the ship a few days before filming began. Mahershala Ali’s film will therefore be temporarily suspended, while new writers will delve into the matter. This delay will have a strong impact on the release date of the images, but not only.

This last-minute change devastates the already tight schedule of the house of ideas. The company just announced the postponement of some of its most anticipated films. Sheet sees the release delayed by nearly a year, only to land in September 2024 instead of November 2023.

Blade puts the box

Since then, the vampire will not be the only one who has to face his problems with patience dead Pool even late. The third episode worn by Ryan Reynolds and directed by Shawn Levy will not be released in theaters sooner November 8, 2024 in the United States compared to the original 6 September.

Fans are also eagerly awaiting the reboot of Fantastic Four. The project, officially announced in 2021, is slowly starting to be talked about, even if the identities of those who will slip into the shoes of the famous superheroes are not yet known. Several names have already been mentioned, starting with John Krasinski who has already played it Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. Many also imagine that his partner in town will play his on-screen wife: Emily Blunt.

It would not be the first time for the two actors for whom, for example, they created the poster without sound. All of this is still only in the speculation phase. However, the film found a director in the person of Matt Shakman. A name that is starting to make itself felt in the MCU, because we owe the series to him Vision of Wanda.

Recall that Jon Watts had finally decided to put the project in new hands, after having directed three operas Spiderman with Tom Holland. This replacement will obviously have an impact on the film’s release date, which has been postponed to February 2025.

More than six months between the two Avengers

It was during D23 that Marvel made the next two official Avengers. A true game changer for every phase of the MCU, this encounter is particularly mysterious. While historical figures have said goodbye to licensing, the new team is still very vague. We already know Sam Wilson’s Captain America will be on his way.

baptized Kang: dynasty, avengers 5 will have the arduous task of starting the fight between our heroes and the main antagonist of the MCU: Kang. Like Thanos, he should appear a few times here and there before finally taking on the entire gang. With regard to End of the game And Endless warthis fight will be done in two parts.

As a year passed between the Russo brothers’ two works, Marvel hoped to stagger these two meetings by just six months. Finally, we will have to wait about 365 days to find out the end of this adventure.

Avengers: Secret Warso Avengers 6 for short, won’t arrive until May 2026. Avengers: Kang dynasty keeps its output window.

Phase 4 is about to end

Perceived as an empty period of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for fans, Phase 4 is coming to an end soon. This is Black Panther: Wakanda forever who is entrusted with the difficult task of closing the march. Then it is Ant-Man and the Vespa: Quantumania who will take over and who will lead the way for the fifth phase.

Regardless of the rest of the license from the start, Ant-Man will be instrumental in continuing the adventures of our favorite superheroes. He should be the first to go through Kang The Conqueror. Recall that Loki only met one of the variants of him in his eponymous series.

Anyway, I meet next November 9th to discover Ryan Coogler’s film with Lupita Nyong’o and Letitia Wright. At the cinema or on Disney +? Its distribution in France remains a mystery, while it is at the center of the confrontation of studies against the chronology of the media. The next few weeks should be decisive.

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