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Sydney: Australia Undoing Tuesday’s previous government decision to recognize West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, he said the situation in the city should be resolved through peace talks between the two countries. Israel and the Palestinian people.
Foreign Minister Penny Wong Said that Australia “will always be a faithful friend of Israel” and is committed to a two-state solution in which Israel and the future Palestinian state coexist peacefully within internationally recognized borders.
“The government commends Australia for international efforts in a responsible effort to move towards a just and lasting two-state solution,” he said in a statement.
Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison In December 2018, the Middle East reversed decades of politics, saying Australia recognized West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital but would not immediately move its embassy there.
Former US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital a year ago.
Wong told reporters that Morrison’s decision in 2018 “put Australia out of step with the majority of the international community” and was greeted with concern by its Muslim-majority neighbor Indonesia.
“I am sorry that the position in Australia has changed as a result of Mr. Morrison’s decision to enter politics, and these changes have caused distress to many in the Australian community who care deeply about this issue. “, she said.
Morrison, with strong Jewish representation in Sydney voters, announced the relocation of the embassy from Tel Aviv in 2018, days before the by-election, which his Liberal party still lost.
The Guardian on Monday reported changes to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website to remove language describing West Jerusalem as the capital.
Wong said the decision was made on Tuesday by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s office.
Morrison’s Liberal-led coalition lost national elections in May, returning a Labor government for the first time in nine years.
The Israeli embassy in Canberra was closed on Tuesday and did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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