Archana Nag being interrogated in jail, husband’s luxury bike found!

Bhubaneswar: In a recent development in the much talked about Archana Nag case, according to sources, she will be questioned in jail.

According to reports, the extortionist’s husband’s luxury bicycle was recovered from the apartment’s parking lot. The bike is registered in the name of Jagabandhu Nag, Archana’s husband.

It is also worth mentioning that the Bhubaneswar and Cuttack twin city police commissionerate has issued a notice to Archana’s husband in the ongoing investigation.

In a shocking revelation, around 50 prominent people from Odisha have been targeted by extortion mastermind Archana Nag.

The investigation into this case has revealed many startling facts about the female mastermind Archana Nag, reports said. The police in their investigation has revealed the list of these celebrities who were Archana’s next targets.

The mystery behind the extortion lady who was arrested recently in the Odisha capital after trying to dupe a famous film producer is likely to be revealed soon. The Khandagiri police are likely to arrest her when the whole truth behind the scene can come out during the interrogation.

According to reports, the police will dig up answers to questions like how she caught the rich people, who she targeted, how she took the pictures and videos of the intimate moments, who she intimidated for money, etc. she threatened people posing as a protector.

The police will also find out if there is an aide of Archana in the extortion. 4 mobile phones, 2 laptops, a Pen drive and a hard disk were seized from Archana from the video surveillance system installed in her home. The police will check all these items to solve the crime.

The police investigation revealed that Archna was leading a lavish life. Archana owns a palatial bungalow worth around Rs 3 crore in the city and a country house in Nakhara and has a stake in a used car showroom. Luxury furniture worth around Rs 40 lakh, a fleet of luxury cars and SUVs like Toyota Fortuner and Mahindra Thar and imported interior decoration materials at the time of the raid at her bungalow in Satya Vihar in Palasuni area.

According to police sources, the main source of income for the woman is cheating people. Popular film producers, businessmen and policemen are deceived by the woman. The woman had introduced herself as a lawyer.

She impersonated and befriended wealthy people, then regularly blackmailed and cheated them. The woman, Archana Nag, had recently filed a complaint in Bhubaneswar with the Laxmisagar police that she was sexually assaulted by a leading Odia film producer. According to reports, the woman also provided several photos to support her claims.

However, it is worth noting that the popular Odia film producer refuted the claims of the girl and also said that the allegations are completely baseless.

The popular Odia film producer has filed a counter-charge and a written complaint at the Nayapally police station in Bhubaneswar, alleging that the girl blackmailed him. He said that the girl had been blackmailing him and demanding money to the tune of Rs 3 crore. He later approached the Orissa High Court for anticipatory bail.

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