Apple’s pre-taped, edited special event videos are here to stay

Tim Bajarin has been in charge of Apple for 40 years and has only missed four public events Apple held during those four decades. He believes Apple’s pre-recorded and edited special event videos are the way the company will continue to operate in the future.

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Tim Bajarin for Forbes:

In the summer of 2020, Apple’s WWDC switched to an online conference … Since then, all of Apple’s launch events have been filmed. More importantly, registering them in advance changes the way Apple presents new products. In the past, live events took months of planning and sometimes weeks of rehearsal. Test product demos on stage dozens of times; even then, some failed during live events.

More problematically, Apple executives’ schedules were turned upside down as they needed to do pre-event rehearsals at the event venue. This request for planning has saved them from performing their leadership roles and temporarily suspended many projects.

The recent launch of the iPhone 14 highlighted this new format. Although hundreds of people were invited to the Steve Jobs Theater to watch the launch in person, those who attended saw the exact recorded event that everyone saw from their work or homes. The only difference for those in the theater is that Tim Cook came out to say hello and cast the video and came back at the end to say hello. Will Apple still hold on-site event launches for the media if the presentation is taped and viewers can watch it from their homes or offices? Yes, for a fundamental reason. After the event, Apple set up a practical area for the media to see and touch the products launched. This handy gives the press a quick way to show products to their readers, which adds a rich dimension to the coverage of these events.

Apple has moved the entire product launch concept into online events that allow anyone interested in what Apple launches to see in real time and in the future. They introduced a whole new way of presenting products to potential partners and customers, and now they have influenced almost every company to follow suit.

MacDailyNews takes: Apple’s pre-recorded and edited special event videos are very likely to be with us for the foreseeable future due to the significant reduction in the time requirement for executive presenters only. The practice area and access for Apple executives to these events are easily a strong enough attraction for the media to attend in person. Watch the movie, play with – or at least watch – real technology later with questions and answers. Of course it works.

If Apple ever again has a dynamic and charismatic CEO who has mastered live presentations on stage, we may return to those events, but, for now, enjoy the videos!

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