Apple would like more advertising in its applications

With over a billion iPhones in circulation, it’s very tempting for Apple to monetize all of these users by running ads in its applications. In fact, the manufacturer would plan more and more!

For users who are already bombarded with ads, this is not good news. Then again, for Apple accounts, it’s all profit! Currently, there are banner ads in the Stocks, News, and App Store apps, most notably in the app store search engine.

Empower millions of users

These blue banners are pretty discreet, but given the mass of iPhones in circulation, this business represents nearly $ 4 billion a year. And Apple wouldn’t want to stick with that. Bloomberga generally very well-informed publication ensured that the manufacturer had tested the advertisements in its Maps application.

In a search for the word “sushi”, Maps would first show Japanese restaurants that have paid at the top of the results. It works the same way with the App Store, and Yelp users are used to seeing full results from this type of ad. But that is not all.

Ads sold by Apple can also invest in other applications such as Podcasts and Books: creators and publishers would pay to appear in pole position in the results of a search. Even right in the magazines of programs and publications. The manufacturer could also draw inspiration from future announcement-funded Netflix and Disney + subscriptions for its Apple TV + streaming service.

Will Apple product customers be happy with this advertising offensive? Given the prices requested by the manufacturer, it is not certain. Users may have no choice: Apple plans to generate over $ 10 billion in annual sales for this business …

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