Apple Watch battery overheats and explodes, user claims

San Francisco: A man claims his Apple Watch battery expanded, overheated and eventually “exploded” throughout the evening and overnight, media reports said.

After the incident became known to Apple, the tech giant asked the user to sign a document and asked him not to share the story publicly. However, he refused to sign the document, reports AppleInsider.

The user said the Apple Watch was showing a high temperature warning and he reported feeling much hotter than usual. Upon examination, he found that the back of the watch had cracked.

He immediately called Apple Support and a manager escalated the issue to open an inquiry. Before Apple contacted him again, Apple Support urged the user not to touch the watch.

The next day, the user woke up to find that the Apple Watch was heating up quickly and the display was broken. He then picked up the device, which began making “popping noises.”

The user claims it exploded just as he threw it out the window.

The man said he sought medical attention for lead poisoning — which is unnecessary given the small amount of lead that can get into the Apple Watch from manufacturing.

According to the report, it is unclear whether the man was burned during the incident.

Meanwhile, the user continued to alert Apple about the situation, which told him it would further escalate the case.

According to him, Apple sent a document requesting that he not share the story publicly. However, he refused to sign the document.

On Wednesday, the company arranged for a shipment to take the device to its labs for further testing.

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