Apple to begin collecting Chicago’s ‘Netflix tax’ this September

Apple will begin collecting taxes on Apple TV + subscribers within the legal city boundaries of Chicago as part of its 2015 city “Netflix Tax” deal.

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In 2015, Chicago introduced a change to its entertainment tax that imposed a 9% tax on streaming entertainment services including Netflix, Apple TV +, Apple Music, Spotify, Disney +, etc.

Amber Neely for AppleInsider:

In July, Apple gave up its four-year fight against Chicago’s so-called Netflix Tax. The tax requires the tech giant to pay a 9% tax on streaming service income earned by Chicago subscribers.

According to Bloomberg Law, Apple has agreed to collect the tax, starting September 15, from customers in Chicago. As part of the deal, Apple won’t have to refund taxes.

MacDailyNews takes: Surely Chicago will spend this additional taxpayer money as they usually do.

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