Apple prepares for 2nm chips as soon as 2025

With TSMC, Apple is gearing up for the best 2nm Apple Silicon chips. TSMC’s new 2nm node will go into series production in 2025.

Apple prepares for 2nm chips as soon as 2025

Chris Ciaccia for Cerco Alpha:

Apple is discussing volume production of 2nm chips with Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE: TSM) to be ready as soon as 2025, Digitimes reported.

The news agency, citing industry sources, noted that Apple (AAPL) wants to include smaller chips in its products in the coming years.

Ed Hardy for Cult of Mac:

However, progress doesn’t always come on schedule. Apple processors like the M1 and A15 were made with a 5nm process, and the company was hoping to move to a 3nm process this year. But TSMC couldn’t iron out the problems until it was too late. So the new M2 and A16 still use the 5nm process. The M3 is expected to be Apple’s first with the 3nm process.

Much of TSMC’s R&D budget is devoted to reducing the distance between processor components. Packing them in a smaller space is how they offer better performance and less waste heat.

This is mainly why the iPhone 14 Pro offers 67% better performance than the iPhone 11 Pro Max and is 60% faster than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, while still delivering a long battery life.

MacDailyNews takes: When it arrives, 2nm will usher in near-magical performance and battery life gains.

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