Apple looks sell Apple TV+ ad space in 2023, potentially for ad-supported tier

How Mac Daily News reported in August via our little bird, Apple appears to have plans to launch an ad-supported version of its Apple TV + video streaming platform, likely in 2023.

Apple TV +

Michael Bürgi, Ronan Shield and Seb Joseph for DigiDay:

Apple, Digiday learned, is preparing a more serious push to monetize its original video content with ad playback, according to several media agency sources that have held separate exploratory discussions with the digital giant.

Digiday reported in August that Apple is building a DSP [Demand Side Platform for automated ad-buying]. And another holding executive who spoke to Apple more recently confirmed that the company plans to use a DSP for its TV inventory. “They actually have so much native inventory, via maps, email and all of their apps at this point, that the DSP would actually just decide on their ownership and management. [TV content]The executive said.

An agency source said Apple wasn’t asking that network of media agencies to set aside customer dollars in the fourth quarter, so it seems more likely that [start] early 2023.

However, the same executive said Apple had asked the executive to attend a call with a customer for the first time, which surprised the executive as Apple’s customer calls usually revolve around research spending and this executive does not oversee research spending.

“Anything that would open a premium inventory [in connected TV or streaming] that would be good, “the executive said.” The last bastion is Apple TV. Apple will be a very good ad experience with probably a low ad load. In fact they are already very diverse in terms of revenue streams, so there is it’s less pressure to fit many ads. ”

MacDailyNews takes: An ad-supported free tier would obviously open Apple TV + to a much wider audience. (Everyone would understand you again when you pulled out a Ted Lasso or Separation plot, not just Apple TV + subscribers, many of whom, of course, would simply continue to subscribe to enjoy ad-free Apple TV + content.

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