Apple event confirmed for September: know what to expect

Among the rumors about what may or may not be announced, we now have at least the date of the next event of the Apple: the company of cupertino confirmed that he will hold a major conference on September 7 (yes, Independence Day in Brazil), starting at 2:00 pm Brasilia time.

In addition to the new iPhone 14it is expected that the Apple announce your new smartwatches and even a new pair of wireless headphones. Check out all the rumors right now.

How to watch the Apple event?

Under the theme “Far Out”, which can be translated as “Too far”, the next event will be officially broadcast on the company’s website and channel Youtubefree.

It is important to remember that these events are held in English. For English speaking Pathfinders, the live stream below is already scheduled:

With that in mind, come back to this page on the day and time announced by the company to check out all the news. THE Apple is one of the most successful companies in avoiding losses; by analyzing what has been announced in previous years, it is possible to make a forecast of what should be presented.

iPhone 14

While there are many rumors about what should or shouldn’t be in the new iTelephone 14a Apple never comment on leaks to add that surprise tone to the announcement. or showtech has already developed a great article on what to expect from new smartphones Applebut in summary:

  • There will be no mini model and the inclusion of a non-Pro Max model;
  • or notch it will be changed to a reclined “i” shape
  • There may be a satellite connection as a safety feature;
  • The screens will be 6.1 and 6.7 inches;
  • The Pro and Pro Max models will have a set of cameras with a resolution of 48 MP;
  • The iPhones 14 and 14 Max will be equipped with the A15 processor Bionicwhile the Pro and Pro Max models will come with the new A16 Bionic;
  • Eventually a subscription service will be available for the purchase of the device.

Another piece of information circulating in the tech sector is the possibility that the apple company chooses to put the USB-C port on its new smartphones. The idea is not recent, much less the rumor; in fact, an engineering student brought the USB-C iPhone concept to life and the market value skyrocketed: at the time, the item was auctioned for over R $ 500,000.

Possible image of iPhone 14
The iPhone 14 is almost confirmed for the September event (Photo: Playback / Internet)

the analyst Ming Chi Kuospecialized in analyzing the strategies of Apple, he also said that the company does not invest in this type of technology due to waterproofing. Another reason is the loss of products that are part of the program Designed for iPhoneoffering chargers, cables, cases and more.

Either way, it won’t take long to learn more about the new iPhone 14from the event of Apple arrives in less than two weeks.

Apple Watch 8

The first rumors indicate that the company should present three variants: a traditional one, an update of the Apple Watch SE and another model Pro, aimed at those who practice extreme sports. It is also known that the chip inserted in these models must be the S8but the confirmation of the performance gain was not confirmed even by the insiders.

Possible image of the Apple Watch 8
The new watch must have a body temperature sensor (Photo: Playback / Internet)

It is also widely commented that the new Apple Watch 8 have a body temperature sensor capable of knowing and providing information about fever. It is not yet known whether this same object would be used to monitor sleep and other parts of daily life, but it is almost certain that it will, so the new smartwatches must have the body temperature sensor.

Already talking about the possible Apple Watch SE 2022, is expected to have the S8 chip, a major upgrade of the Chip S5 2019. Little is known about the details of the model, but it should have the same screen size and the changes are more internal than external.

Apple watch if of 2022 which is expected to be unveiled at the Apple event
The Apple Watch SE is expected to be unveiled at Apple’s September event (Photo: Playback / Internet)

No more smartwatch rumors, version screen Pro from Apple Watch 8 it should be 2 inches larger than the traditional model and include a “sturdy, break-resistant and impact-resistant metal box”. Pricing for the more complete version should be in the US between $ 900 and $ 999 (R $ 4,600 to R $ 5,106 in direct conversion).

Airpod Pro 2

It is another product that must be presented at Apple and, if not, do not wait for the announcement until 2023. The update, expected from 2019 after the launch of the first generation of AirPods Proshould bring a visual makeover so that the models look more like Beats Fit Pro.

Possible appearance of the new airpods 2
The new headphones can receive the first update from 2019 (Photo: Playback / Internet)

Also, another strong rumor that can be confirmed is the possibility of audio without loss, which offers a quality sound similar to what musicians have recorded in the studio. or showtech published a full article on the subject in January 2022.

The wireless headphones themselves should also be able to send location data so that the most inattentive users can find models. This is a similar feature to what Apple AirTag already deliver.

IOS version 16 and watchOS 9

In June 2022, we took a first look at the new operating system for i phone and in addition to the new lock screen, editing messages in iMessage and other features have been revealed. The public beta started about a week later and after all testing and come backit is expected that the Apple release the final version weeks after the September event.

ios 16 details
iOS should finally be released for all users (Photo: Playback / Apple)

Another novelty already known to the public, but not yet revealed to everyone, is the look at OS 9. We already know that the new version of the operating system will help its users not to forget about the drugs, as well as have new faces confirmed. With the event of Apple Almost three months after the announcement, the company should take the opportunity to launch the news for everyone and already with the news Apple Watch 8.

What do you expect from the news? it will be there Apple do they really do all these ads? tell us Comments!

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Sources: The Verge l Apple

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